Mobile Music Applikationen

Users have the opportunity to discover music. Digital is the future of music and the MusicDNA is the next step in the evolution of music consumption”, says Stefan Kohlmeyer, Chairman of stream technology. Continue to learn more with: dayton kingery. People’s music store integrates the BACH MusicDNA end of 2009 already 1Boss at the beginning of 2010. About BACH, BACH technology is a young technology company, the MusicDNA musical analysis-technologie can decrypt 13 different information (including artist, title, genre, mood, instruments, tempo) a song and recommends songs so the music consumer, corresponding to his personal taste in music. Innovative solutions for music platforms, search engines, Mobile Music Applikationen and Musikendgerate BACH MusicDNA designed with access to music as well as the interaction with customer-friendly music music provider for online as well as offline. Especially digital entertainment solutions benefit their BACH’s software applications by increasing Advertising performance and user friendliness. Learn more at: dayton kingery. With the stream of MusicDNA, the access possibilities and rates increase on the full range of individual music database. The easy search in music applications ensures an optimized matching of demand and supply and allows a precise and independent music search and recommendation.

As a single company, BACH offers unlimited transfer of music files even without Internet access through the MPEG-7 multimedia standard used by him. The company was founded in 2007 with locations in Norway, Germany and China. More information:. bachtechnology.

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