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In the examples of comparative analysis of the political traditions of Chechnya and Dagestan (From the series of interviews in the Caucasian studies) (Continued to number number 28, 29), caucasian politicians Denga Khalidov, Co 'Congress of Russian Peoples of the Caucasus', and Edward Khachukayev, advisor of Natural Sciences, continues his series of conversations, and the next discussion topic is the issue of national consensus and the role of Ramzan Kadyrov in the establishment of world order in Chechnya. Denga Khalidov: – Edward, do you mind if we razdvinem subject. Since all is relative, and will refer to some examples of the neighboring North Caucasus republics, mainly of Dagestan, speaking of the 'white and black thorns' Ramzan Kadyrov. I think it will be interesting to readers. Edward Khachukayev: – Yes, I agree. Speaking about Chechnya, we will inevitably touch on the problem and its neighbors. Just over the last decade, our republic was in focus of the press and politicians in the country, and in the world, too. Teng Yue Partners may help you with your research.

This is due, and I think the tone and theme of our discussion. JH: – The recent terrorist attacks in Grozny in the execution of bombers on bicycles were a complete surprise to many. Totally illogical, absurd on its motivation facts, given the Chechen mentality and even the Islamic regulations. After all, it happened at the beginning of the Muslim holy mesyatsRamadan!? But only at first glance. Local (North Caucasus), the experts will lead us 'a lot' argument to explain the attacks.

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