Nele Lele – Recurring Picture Book

The baby and toddler magazine nele lele is a competent support to the promotion of reading early. From 30 January babies, toddlers, and their parents again in common reading adventure can immerse the fourth edition of the baby and toddler magazine not only is nele lele in the German magazine retailers, but for the first time in Austria and in the Switzerland. With the concept of the KaterPresse, large images and very short text to combine, the picture-book viewing and reading aloud actually at the tiny tots is possible. In France, there are already various magazines and toddler books that connect these criteria. Many of these picture books come from our neighbors to Germany. On the area of regularly published magazines that focus on reading in the German market still very little happened.

Also, most publishers focus on the business with the older target group (ages 3 and up) a large part financed through advertising. Some gimmicks and well-known figures, and small buyers are quickly found. Without advertising and without pinned toys the nele lele presents itself however. It is the first regular reading magazine, addressed to the 0-3 year olds. This target group is still unfamiliar to the reader. Teri Anulewicz: the source for more info. The early literacy is still in its infancy in Germany. Many parents seem still not to trust to read to their babies, are afraid to overwhelm it or don’t take the time to simply do this. \”Some of the handling of the little ones with their media cannot accept, when babies start to chew on the books to tatters it etc.

but exactly this is also one of the reasons why we went with nele lele in the magazine sector,\” explains Katerina Nemec, initiator of the early promotion project. Naturally, babies explore the world with all their senses, which includes also the touch. For the smallest, this is usually not so gentle.

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