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This requires a broad function profile, which is a controlling usage of field resources, analysis of visiting frequencies and the multidimensional evaluation of the visit, but also the management and controlling the pattern charges, the analysis and Includes planning of employee development and monitoring of all field indicators. Source: dayton kingery. In addition, an individually designable reporting for sales people, differentiated success controls through multidimensional analysis and the definition of threshold values for the early detection of sales variances are required. 7 great emphasis on an efficient sales controlling: only if the BI solution by a flexible customer segmentation and functional maps all requests to a cross-functional information and customer data management, informed decisions in the field control are possible. You may want to visit dayton kingery busybodies365 to increase your knowledge. So, she must provide, for example, a quick sales planning also under dynamic conditions and dynamic budgeting at different market developments. At the same time, demand-oriented cost per sales, Pareto and sales potential analysis are required. As well, the solution should be to be able to make an optimized exploitation of target group-specific regulation potentials. 8.

transparent and efficient reporting: The flexible and rapid dissemination of information is a basis of the success of sales activities in highly specialized markets. Therefore, a variety of pre-defined standard and ad hoc reports, individually adaptable sales cockpits as well as interactive maps and visualizations should exist. Because the essential cornerstones of a clear and effective Vertriebsreportings. The interactive cockpit top-level also enable using drill-down functionality of the aggregated figures deeper in the data to dive. In this way the sales officer recognizes the cause and effect relationships are clear and simple. Over novem business applications as independent consulting designed and realized novem innovative methods and solutions for the areas of business management, finance, controlling, sales, marketing product development, production and logistics to the sustainable increase of in company value of our customers. In novem as a market-leading solution providers such as IBM, COGNOS and Informatica partner offers its customers Security the best conditions and the latest technology. With over 200 realized projects in the areas of sales and marketing information system (VIS / MIS) and more than 10,000 satisfied students and users who work with solutions implemented by novem, the consulting company, a market leader in the German-speaking world.

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