Sometimes in order to obtain it is still required to complete a questionnaire and pay a small fee for processing the card. However, the conditions for granting of discounts for such discount cards vary widely, so be sure to carefully read the rules of use of the card when it is received. – These maps can also act and as a cumulative discount card. That is, after over a fixed time you make a purchase at a certain amount, the percentage discount on your map grows, and you get a card next level. Such as gold, platinum or vip. Very often, filling the application form and paying a purchase, you will automatically enter into a discount club and become a party held by the special shares. Therefore, be very careful when filling out your personal data – this is the case when a spelling mistake can cost you real benefits.

To date, the standard discount card is the most popular and easy-to- circulation. Enjoy it very easily: before pay for your purchase, you present your card and receive a discount. It has recently become very popular to create a discount program. In this case, many companies from different industries are combined within it. Ie buyer, having the a discount card (sometimes called club) can get a discount for all companies participating in the discount program. It turns out that it is beneficial to everyone: the buyer may be advantageous to make purchases and pay for services not only in the hypermarket, but also, for example, in a travel agency.

The seller also receives some sort of guarantee that the client will return for the purchase of directly to him, interested in the opportunity to save money. And when you consider that these cards are often not registered, and accordingly she enjoys not one but 3-4 people, then the mutual benefit even more evident. In the west there are more complex discount programs, which are special offers from banks to cardholders. In this case, the bank issues plastic cards with merchants and services and distributes them among its customers. To summarize, I can say that all these systems of discounts only at first glance may seem complex.

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