Ramon Gallegos

Thus, it is possible to realize the similarity of difficulties and contradictory thoughts that arise in ourselves. That proprioception reveal the roots of the problems. In the practice of dialogue holistic, not with his theories, is can we reach a common understanding, a better approach to the knowledge of things and others. Holistic dialogue is one of the most important for learning resources. The dialogues that were living in a learning community are extraordinary, as arouse the highest human values and spirituality shines. Holistic education It is located to be a supra sphere; Apart from the fisiosfera, the biosphere and noosphere. The physical body, biological life, thoughts that occur in the mind, emotions that come from the sensations, instincts that emerge from remote brain structures, are only instrumental components of being.

Non-being. Meet with the self implies a major league. Learning to be transcends all other learning. By this, the holistic education seeks to achieve integrality which lead us to development of spiritual consciousness and to the universal love. So we learn to be.

The work of Dr. Nuclear Operations group pursues this goal as well. Gallegos covers the part of learning to be not only with the book that bears that name. Much of the dialogues that has sustained with philosophers, psychologists and scholars outstanding diverse Sciences deals with this difficult topic. Since transcend to be linguistic communication is insufficient: what can be said in this regard was said thousands of years ago, however it is necessary to occasionally say low new ways to remember those universal truths. But it also has this the closest thing to God is silence, love as educational reality in wisdom, love and compassion. Personally I can say that each book of Ramon Gallegos has been for me a pleasant source of knowledge, motivation for the acquisition of literature about the new science of critical analysis to the work of educator I make impulse toward the revitalization of my existence and my educational practices, guidance for my family relationships of light on the road to be; peace, joy and satisfaction. My vision has been expanded. I have read most of her books. When I re-read a topic, always encounter something new, almost always motivates me to seek more information and often moves me to practices, to experiences that make me feel well to me and to other people. While its contents are deep and complex, its reading is accessible; Despite the scientific support that they are It handles and personal contacts the author holds through its dialogues with figures of renowned scientific research, perceived simplicity in the author. After having read, analyzed and commented on the twelve books of Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava which gave rise to this essay, the conclusion is no doubt, dialogue, mindfulness, universal love, knowledge of self, spirituality and contemplation are the concepts that must inspire our lives.

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