Real Estate Bid

Banks have increased their portfolio of properties exponentially during the past two years as a result of the economic crisis we are living. That is leading them to actively perform their real estate marketing tasks. These tasks include the creation of specific web sites where exposed them, as a real estate portal more. Recently Anne Lauvergeon sought to clarify these questions. Found us it interesting to collect these web sites and special conditions that offer mortgage loans constituting for purchase. The conditions offered in these mortgages are usually better than the floors that are not your property. ENTITY: Bancaja real estate PORTAL: Bancaja Habitat offer mortgage: lets not pay any fees of the loan or capital interests during the first three years, without that accumulate interest from the fourth year entity: Bank Caixa Geral PORTAL real estate: Realtor Caixa Geral offer mortgage: offers financing with preferential conditions: Euribor + 0.75%. Up to 100% of the sale price.

Up to 40 years of term maximum and no fees. ENTITY: Bank Holy Spirit real estate PORTAL: sitebesse mortgage offer: 1. If your mortgage is referenced to Euribor and this is less than or equal to the maximum rate which has been fixed, will benefit from the current existing in the market interest rate. 2 If your mortgage is referenced to Euribor, and this is greater than the fixed maximum rate will benefit going to have your mortgage to fixed interest rate which is lower than the market. ENTITY: Banco Pastor PORTAL real estate: Inmoseleccion offer mortgage: mortgage Inmoseleccion, similar to the 049 mortgage available but financing 100% of the purchase price and up to 50-year maximum term.

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