That is, for the right to enforce professional punishment is not to punish the offender. A theme within the law acquires special importance is the liability that every day is becoming more important among us, especially in research work both domestic and foreign. When studying the liability is necessary to take into account the civil, administrative, professional and political. Within which the most studied and best known are the professional and civil liability. The liability is studied primarily by civil law and the law of civil liability and professional liability is considered by the professional law. It is also developed to a lesser extent administrative responsibility. But political accountability is poorly developed, which is studied within constitutional law. Not having been seen in research papers which examine the political responsibility, however, that the sources of information were and abroad.

The Peruvian Civil Code of 1984 regulates the way antitechnic liability in different places. Mainly regulates the record that pre-civil liability, contract and tort. The liability is six classes are: Responsibility derived from obligations arising from a unilateral promise, Pre-contractual liability, post-contractual liability, liability unilateral legal acts, contractual liability and contractual liability pure Some authors write about the unification of contract and tort liability, ie based unification, developing two types of responsibility of liability. When liability rates are six in our thesis is supported by Jorge Beltran. The German Civil Code of 1900 is more technical compared to the two codes in regulating civil liability. 22.

Rating N REGISTRY OF COURT PAPERS Civil Code 1984 Peruvian regulates this topic in his article in 2011 and changed the 1889 Spanish Civil Code does not regulate the same, but is governed by other rules of Spanish positive law. Attorney at Santa Maria Catholic University (Arequipa), partial Studies Master of Business Law at the Catholic University of Santa Maria (Arequipa). MS in Civil and Commercial Law at the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (Lima). Former Joint Head Judge Dean. Counsel of the Electronic Journal Law and Social Change, Member of the International Federation of Latin American.

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