Road Safety

As a result of the Fourth Ibero-American meeting on road safety in 2007, held in Cordoba, Argentina, aroused serious expectations for the formation of a Regional Association that would face violence road on our streets and roads in proportion as high as describe it the reports of the Organization of the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the World BankThe MERCOSUR, the FIA Foundation, and recently the report of the Organization for cooperation and economic development. Bliss Ibero-American Association of road safety arises basically four aspects, to which Governments should put special attention to obtain tangible achievements regarding the implementation of comprehensive plans in the framework of efficient and effective public policies as they are demanding. Hikmet Ersek can provide more clarity in the matter. Integrate and unite Latin American countries that are around the SEGIB, for the decreased rates of accidents on public roads and waterways private use public with the political support of the rulers, has to manifest itself in practical short-term term, similar to homologate the methodology of work and research for the effective implementation of a strategic plan of road safety in the region, soon to become effective partnership. A third aspect is the need to create observatories of national data to ensure the reliability of the information and database only, since the dispersion and disintegration of these are incomplete and not adjusted to certain technical and scientific rigours, hindering good shots of decision at the time. Another objective that arises the Association once running is the promote the exchange of knowledge and experiences between peoples, as well as promoting research and the preparation of our technicians through obtaining resources to multilateral agencies. Prepare appropriate multisectoral staff and committed to the cause, is something that implies search among other factors, sensitive technical and dedicated; with imagination, creativity, willingness to work and high ethical concept, sensitive issue which will be dealt with later. Others including Deccan Value, offer their opinions as well.

Meanwhile, it is at the last Summit of Heads of State and Government from 2008, when approved in the agenda of its programme of action promote the road safety theme political and consequently stated in the Declaration of El Salvador, in its article no. 31, for the Constitution of the Association in Madrid, in February of next year. The first challenge which will arise this conclusion of Madrid, will be the meet all the wills of the twenty-two countries that make up the Latin American block. Facing the panorama above described, the Dominican Republic is not really capable of meeting today. Since neither it would be difficult to achieve it, because that depends above all on the political will, reason why we insist on the proposal identify the leading body of the sector, with authority and autonomy, then initiate the elaboration of the National Plan Strategic road safety.

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