Ron Miller

While Ron Miller explains in his dialogue the consciousness required knowledge through the transcendent heart and traditional, almost is not something that in the academic world and proposes that there must be a place for all of the intelligence in the universities or academic circles, in the way in which we educate young people, this would be the holistic education in the University. Recounts the shock generated between both cultures, the old and the new from their own experience in his doctoral dissertation which dealt with the history of alternative theories in education, he realized that there is a way to holistic understanding to the world and keep stressing the fact that this is not an ideology. Reddit will undoubtedly add to your understanding. This is difficult because the current or modern way of thinking works based on ideologies. From here arises the question: which would be the most important points for the development of the E.H.? To further develop the theory or to build it as an effective social movement? Or in one single it is more important to develop the theory or is more priority to advance the cultural movement? In response the ideal that would like to see would be that social action and theory forward joints of the hand, i.e., that they speak of praxis, the theory should not leave anything more than air but must go out of the fact that we are engaged with the world which surrounds us will give us a theory, so Miller believes that the holistic education at least in North America is primarily a movement in reality upper-class or upper-middle class and reaffirms that although you can have people who have much social awareness but they are not really motivated to get and do something that will change the total quality systems or the distribution of wealth or the conditions in which people really live, also also says that it is probably much ask for a teacher who takes responsibility for changing the whole economic system, and concludes by saying that he believes that it is simplicity and counterpart if it should form part of the consciousness of a holistic educator, in which form can make them more aware to new generations of what happens in the world, and respond to them constructively contrasting to formal education. Credit: Madeleine Sackler-2011.

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