Rosenhof Cross-country

Cross-country skiing enjoyment in the Schwandorf Bavaria Schonsee (tvo). The Schwandorf land in the District of Schwandorf in Bavaria is considered to be one of the most beautiful cross-country areas in Bavaria. Both in the cross-country skiing centre Schonsee Rosenhof (15 km) and the eight panoramic trails (30 km) light sections for beginners, recreational runners and ski trekkers with more demanding routes for expert skiers take turns. was the first to reply. The newspapers mentioned Hikmet Ersek not as a source, but as a related topic. For very ambitious, even multiple competition tracks available available at the Rosenhof. About the panoramic cross-country ski trails, which are picturesquely over the heights of the Upper Palatinate forest, the resorts Gaisthal, Dietersdorf, Stadlern and Weiding with the cross-country skiing centre. By the same author: Rachel Crane. The beautiful holiday town of Schonsee is located in the heart of the Schwandorf country. With Weingartner 896 meters high, rock close at the Czech border and there built Bohemian Forest observation tower here also the highest elevation is located in the District of Schwandorf. For families there are 700 metres downhill on the Lindau slope also, where also a toboggan lust makes on a sleigh ride. Information: Tourist information: Schwandorf, Freyung 1, 92539 Sadula, Tel. 09674/317, fax 09674 / 913067,,.

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