It is long overdue that Banks start, no longer as a criterion for the credit rating of a customer to consider the SCHUFA. Statistically, it should also often happen that people without SCHUFA entry become insolvent as with entry. Finally, insolvency is usually no intent, but is done by unexpected blows of fate, such as, for example, the loss of employment. Swiss loans are quite reputable is the Swiss credit so an instant credit without SCHUFA request. Nevertheless, there are certain requirements that must be met with a serious offer.

Sums of money amounting to up to 5000 certainly are obtained with one such instant credit. When such sums, you may sacrifice some slightly higher interest rates. But those who opt for this model, should compare anyway. An online loan comparison (such as) provides an overview of the currently available products. The advice on the Bank may be an option, You should be careful here. Finally, Bank advisers want to sell their customers as a credit. Because not all available products offered on the market, is not guaranteed, here, that you really get the best credit. Therefore, you should consult not only by a Bank and also research in the Internet itself.

You will know a reputable Swiss credit among other things, that he is not simply so unconditionally granted. Because even in this credit variant, collateral must be presented quite. Although the SCHUFA request plays no role, the Bank would have usually a proof of a regular income. So is the prerequisite for many offers at least zwolf-monatige employment with the same employer as well as a place of residence in Germany. Sometimes called even the German nationality as a prerequisite. Older people have it also difficult to get a loan. So, many banks restrict their credit offerings for customers over 57 years. A further Special feature is the anonymity granted to this type of credit. The Swiss credit, the loan is either cash or disbursed by bank transfer without purpose.

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