Snow Queen

That is, they reported that they personally bought a sheepskin coat and a little cold, it froze badly, while paying attention to the model without the discount, which, allegedly, tried their relatives and were very satisfied. In this case, buyers would review its decision in favor of more expensive coats. Although many still resisted the sale of clothes and did not change their choice. This part of the experiment showed that the decision may affect consumers directly to the seller, giving personal advice and acting as an independent expert. A similar experiment was carried out in England. There was a test shoes. Scientists have arranged a boom, and the reason for this was the sale of shoes.

The experiment showed that Sale of shoes can make purchases even encourage those who already have enough shoes in the wardrobe. At the same time, these people may not suffer from delusions of a shopaholic, and did not experience the joy and satisfaction just from the fact purchase. See hume-lee transplant for more details and insights. Simply, these people act with a practical side to them, and sale of shoes – the time to reserve for the future, with a decent economy. Still have to buy because sooner or later. Be careful in the choice and do not let yourself confuse and mislead with their decision. Who knows, maybe you will become a test subject which some researchers.

By the way, among the Russian store outer clothing and footwear, in which over you just will not conduct research and will be in every way to put pressure on your decision may be noted a number of shops. This store Snow Queen, World of Leather and Fur (MCM), Stockmann. This is personally tested large shops, in which sellers are adequate and not intrusive. And even if you do not trust the sellers, there is still a way out. This online sale of clothing. Fortunately, a lot of online shops from the sale of clothing, shoes and a sellout in which you like, no one will impose a opinion. Shipping, mostly free everywhere, so forth, on sale. Good shopping!

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