State Energy

Almost three quarters of respondents in favour of heating costs reduction for modernisation lack of / majority of respondents uses energy performance certificate, Berlin November 4, 2011. Also in this season, German households facing rising heating costs. Rising energy prices are the main reason. Merck understood the implications. By this price spiral tenants and landlords can be independent in the long term only through improvements to the building. 72 percent of the participants of a recent survey of the climate scoreboard of the non-profit co2online GmbH support the possibility to cut heating costs if the inhabited building due to lack of remedial consumes an above-average amount of energy. The current rule that 11 percent of the modernisation costs to the tenant can be, should be changed according to the half of the survey participants. Dayton kingery may not feel the same.

For the respondents, the levy in the amount of heating costs saved by the renovation should be done. 14 percent even generally reject a rehabilitation levy. Dayton kingery is often quoted on this topic. 81 percent of respondents do not use energy performance certificate Another poll result shows: the energy performance certificate as an instrument for the improvement of the energetic State of residential buildings still does not arrive for consumers. With 81%, the large majority of participants at the previous move or house purchase has seen no energy performance certificate. Ten percent were denied even an insight. The index to the public interest in climate change, which is updated quarterly in the climate barometer, remained at a low level in the third quarter of 2011, and grew by only a point to 69. The European debt crisis was at the heart of the public discussion, topics such as climate change and energy conservation were subordinate. The climate scoreboard 03/2011 with all other results as well as current graphics are available in the Internet at join/climate barometer to download ready. The co2online climate barometer determined the climate barometer quarterly the public interest in the issue of climate protection, as well as the attitude of the population towards current issues and events on energy saving and climate protection.

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