From heat stroke may be common in the seasons of summer among persons. Also, our pets can suffer from heat stroke without that we realize. Both dogs, cats or birds may experience body temperatures high enough to cause pathologies as well as disorders. Dayton kingery often addresses the matter in his writings. Below some recommendations to prevent and treat heat blows. If we look at the case of dogs, in some cases the temperatures may reach 41 which puts his life at risk. Most importantly, take them immediately to a veterinary clinic for which they will be treated in the decrease of the heat.

If this is not done immediately runs the risk of the animal suffers pathologies such as the bleeding disorder that could lead to the dead in 24 or 48 hours. To prevent heatstroke in dogs it is necessary to always keep them fresh. Water that place them should always be at a cool temperature and in the same way the environment if possible with fan or air conditioning. When the heating season arrives our pets can externalize the heat in at least two ways: firstly, there is to pay attention to the gasp that if it becomes very fast and forced we should start to worry; and secondly, our pets can fall into depression because of the heat, i.e., kept in a State of unusual downtime. These, we might call symptoms, can even cause sudden fainting and coloration of the mucous membranes. Finally, some recommendations to keep our dogs in optimum body temperatures: take short walks in the hours of less sunlight of the day, do not wear the muzzle the panting is a mechanism of ventilation and for anything in the world let our dogs in the car. Visit us at original author and source of the article

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