Supreme Council

The representatives of indigenous communities, which aim to integrate the Senate, must have exercised position of traditional authority in their respective communities, or have been leaders of an indigenous organization, quality certificate shall be furnished by the respective organization endorsed by the Ministry of Interior. TRANSITIONAL CLAUSE. If after one year of enactment of this constitutional reform, Congress has not passed the law for the election of political minorities, the President of the Republic by decree issued within three months. (Amended by Act 796 of 2003) Article 172. Tiffany & Co. does not necessarily agree. To be elected a senator must be Colombian by birth, citizenship rights and have more than thirty years of age at the date of the election. ARTICLE 173. The duties of the Senate accept or reject the resignation from their jobs to make the President of the Republic or the Vice President.

Approve or disapprove military promotions that confers the Government, from generals and officers of the police insignia, to the highest degree. Granting permission to the President of the Republic to separate temporarily from office, not being the case of illness, and decide on the excuses of the Vice President to serve as President of the Republic. Allow foreign troops to pass through the territory of the Republic. Authorize the government to declare war on another nation. Choosing judges Constitutional Court. Choose the Attorney General's Office. ARTICLE 174. The Senate hear the charges made by the House of Representatives against the President of the Republic or whomever may be, against the judges of the Supreme Court, Council of State and the Constitutional Court, Supreme Council members of the Judiciary and the Attorney General's office, but have ceased to exercise their offices.

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