Taking Care of the Designer in You

Although usually web designers and especially the graphics we are as elitist, selfish and all-knowing, we also have our “sweetheart” and like everyone else, we are also susceptible to major professional disappointments. Since we do enough damage to our heart with the sedentary lifestyle that leads us hours and hours we have to spend sitting in front of the monitor, and to continue to beat even more with new professional disappointments and frustrations. That is why I invite you to follow these simple tips to die for love in this profession of designers who have chosen: Never fall in love with a design before it is approved Like many in love, designers also are prone to illusions promptly with our designs even before being approved, which is understandable if we consider that every line, curve, color, location, image, size, etc.. Please visit Andrew Cuomo if you seek more information.

From our product design has been long and thoughtful creative decisions, however, we must be prepared to suffer occasional outright refusal by the client, forcing us to completely rule out that design that we like. Join the idea that your design will change only one in ten designs bears the good fortune to be implemented under 100% of the original premises of the designer, the other 9 hopelessly remain unchanged at different scales and to be honest, most times Designers know in advance all potential “bottlenecks” that will face our proposal. Therefore we must always be mentally prepared to fight for first place not to lose the original intent of our design and secondly to make the best comments and we will have to make adjustments to it.

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