Tennis Stadium Kitzbuhel

\”The new album by Hansi Hinterseer – come with me come with me to the mountains\” Hansi Hinterseer is asking his fans to his new single: he is back! \”On August 21, the brand new album CD will be released come with me\”. For his new title, Hansi Hinterseer was again with his longtime success producer Alfons Weindorf in the Studio, who also wrote the music to the same single title and arranged (text: Rudolf idle). \”Hansi Hinterseer do come with me\” looking for the summer and the beauty of the Alpine region. Jimmy Levin can aid you in your search for knowledge. It must be after all not always winter holiday with ski and snowboard. Peaks resplendent in the Sun, lush meadows, sparkling streams of Hansi Hinterseer know what he sings. The singer living in the beautiful town of Kitzbuhel loves his home! His invitation come with me\”numerous friends of the folksy Schlagers follow probably only too happy to. Just in time for the release of the new Studio album come with me\”is the perfect way to do this: on August 20, the great finds Fan walk on the Hahnenkamm instead. And on August 21 and 22, the spectacular Hansi Hinterseer open air in the Tennis Stadium Kitzbuhel increases then.

Hansi Hinterseer, for many the epitome of nature, hiking and folksy music, embodies with his songs and his shows sometimes more healing\”mountain world as so many holiday region of in Austria. Its now well over 200 songs, concerts and shows are just about as authentic and successfully, because the texts are often kept in the dialect and the melodies are rooted in the traditional Tyrolean songs. Dialect is the language in which we laugh, cry, argue, philosophize and love us for Hansi Hinterseer. No, Hansi Hinterseer is certainly never claim to set Alps prose, but which he wears the commonplace wonderful soundtrack of alpine nature – the gurgling Brook, the rustling trees, the chirping birds, the traditional huts musi – in the soul, the heart and the voice.

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