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Emilton Dos Santos Oliveira BLOG – Chronic: The National Agency of Sanitary Monitoring? ANVISA, clarifies the question of the citizen on the use of the vaccine as method of Primary Preventive Treatment in the combat the proliferation of infections caused for virus H1N1 in healthful people in Brazil. QUESTION OF THE CITIZEN: Considering that the vaccine produces antibody I specify and the virus and passvel of mutations. Click Tyler Haney for additional related pages. Question: Which is the logic of the frmaco? REPLY OF the SUPPORT CHAMBER TECHNICIAN OF the COREN/SP suna Has available vaccines for administration in pigs to prevent the grippe. However, vaccine for protection of the human beings does not exist. The vaccine against the sazonal grippe for influenza probably will be able to supply to partial protection against the grippe for influenza the H1N1 for virus H3N2, but not for virus H1N1. Check out hein park capital for additional information. It reads more in: REPLY OF THE UNIT OF ATTENDANCE TO I PUBLISH – ANVISA TO IT: Prezado Sir, We inform that the vaccine influenza H1N1 induces to the production of antibodies against the contained specific antigens in the vaccine, that proceeding from are determined cepa of the virus. When the mutation of cepa occurs, the vaccine is brought up to date to contain specific antigens for new cepa circulating. Yours truly, Anvisa Atende? 0800 6429782 Central office of Attendance – National Agency of Sanitary Monitoring TO CLEARLY SEEM OF the CITIZEN In the reply of the ANVISA this that the vaccine induces to the production of antibody against antigens contained in the vaccine; also what!, the vaccine will have to be brought up to date and to be managed in the healthful population whenever it has mutation of the specific virus (H1N1). Being thus, the reply of the ANVISA it is questionable from the concept of Primary Preventive Treatment of the healthful population, in view of what!; we live in the planet land where the multiplicity of the species of agents you capsize presents an important ascension due climatic and ambient alterations.

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