The Ranch

It was reclineed against the pillows, with one brown blanket with edges wine color covering it until the waist. With respect and shyness for being invading a close environment, I stopped the bed at one’s feet. – Good day, lady! My name is Ernest. I came to deal with the purchase of the land that is of its property. My master already was here speaking with Mrs. The woman made a gesture with the hand. – She feels yourself. I turned over looks it of a seat when Vilma appeared with a chair.

– It is the will. It said and left the room. – Vilma is a good friend. Leonora said, in a soft tone. – It was not itself I would be alone here, passing difficulties! The artrite has attacked me and I almost cannot make nothing! Vilma has come to make the lunch, to arrange the house and when it can, it sleeps here. But, it has the family, the house of it to take care of. e. I do not have conditions to contract a house servant! I shook the head in signal of that it was giving attention and understanding its words. Leonora continued: – My son is for arriving at any time and it goes to take account of everything.

But, you said that she wants to buy the house? – Not lady, the land to the side. We intend to open a bookstore Leonora arranged the pillows and came back to lean itself. – I liveed in a ranch, before coming to here. My son, Carlitos, were born there, in a rainy night. When I started to feel pains of the childbirth, my husband came to the city to search the doctor. The wagon finished falling in a stream and Alfredo died drowned. Carlitos was born with the aid of the woman of the foreman of the ranch.

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