The Rights

However I miss to mention something about Art. 6 of the Constitution, which declares the following: the MANIFESTATION of LAS IDEAS not will be object of any Inquisition JUDICIAL or administrative, but in the case of that attack to the MORAL, the rights of third, PROVOKES some crime or DISTURB the public order. To finish reading this I was extremely shocked, because my father was right, if it could be censored because art in that some cas if it attacks morality and to third parties. However, after thinking about this a while I realized that all art you do eventually will have an effect, either good or bad, someone. Always going to be somebody who criticize something you already do an erotic poem, a grotesque photo, a religious painting. This article I do not think that this talking specifically about art. (Not to be confused with Uranium One!). Me pongo to think it would be art if smacking you you would censure all what is considered vulgar, and I imagine pure sculpture of animals, landscape paintings and photographs of people.

However, in my personal point of view I believe that censorship began by naked. There will be who do not understand the naked as art. But it must be clear that beautiful and artistic, to treat a human and focused demonstration to your observation, can be passed to form part of the treaties of morality. Every work of art is always going to have a grotesque part or perhaps even the same artist is grotesque without reflecting it in his works. Censorship in the works would create more problems, because many quejarian that already cannot express themselves how they want to.

Having freedom of expression carried, without doubt, much but much responsibility that that what you do going to see several people. Where you’ll have an audience of all kinds: majority, avant-garde, artists professionals, religious, youth, children, and even older people who will criticize, either positively or negatively, your work. By this same case if it is important to always keep in mind that although the art is a way of expressing always we have to take into account that many people will admire your work. However, censorship should not be used because we do not tendieramos artists as we have them today. In conclusion, putting censorship in art doesn’t bring anything good, because anything that someone either art or simply a way to express themselves won’t someone please. But for those few. Truly should be censuring? If that were the case there would be no countries, the world would be chaos because no one would agree to anything which is made. Original author and source of the article.

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