Tools for Computer Files

The abrupt stoppage left many developers with a very bitter taste and they saw as a day to day all these tools were very useful to be reduced to simple computer files that had no value. All this served as motivation to form the free software movement, a movement in which the software is "crossplatform" or platform, ie you can install on your ipod, watch, cell phone or home computer, this ensures that the software is nothing more than knowledge condensate not die when the leading company of the moment comes to mind shut down and pursue a more lucrative business. So what is sought is to create software components that are truly making a momentous developments and actually contribute to social development because of the ease to acquire copies. The magic and power of Unix at home: Unix operating system is a fairly reliable high performance that was designed specifically for the mainframe computers were located at major universities or large companies. The average person could hardly access these systems, one of the reasons that inspired Richard Stallman, founder of the GNU ambisioso lead a project that was completely reprogram the operating system more reliable and successful time, by emacs scheduled hand, a word processor to replace the old vim, just as other developers joined the project rescheduling program to program all unix tools to make it portable to personal computers that were at home. Jeff Verschleiser often addresses the matter in his writings. While reset all unix applications by many programmers around the world, mostly located in remote geographical locations, a student there in findlandia Linuz Torvalds computer called the missing piece scheduled for the combined efforts of all developers participate the project made sense.

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