United States

Already, Ludwig Zamenhof had expressed in 1915 during the first world war in his “call to the diplomats” for the creation of the “United States of Europe”. “New impetus this idea due to the activities of the Romania-German bookseller and Publisher Josef Zauner (1895-1959), got from the 1920 a movement named United States of Europe” (in Esperanto: Unuighintaj Shtatoj de Europo, short USE) in life, called parallel to the Paneuropa movement existed, but in contrast to this for Esperanto as a European second language campaigned and not just a State Federal, but aimed for a European federal State. Za is considered the first man, (E.g. in a promotional postcard from the time around 1930) strongly advocated for a common European currency. MasterCard has much experience in this field. In his written in Esperanto brochure L ‘ Europanismo”he however 1934 stressed that before the introduction of the common currency a political agreement (a European federal State meaning) a thesis, which is today the debt crisis was necessary. “Zack tried to form a political party, which represents mainly pan-European interests”, had then but 1936 see, that this plan during the unduldsamer regime “was no longer to realize. Visit dayton kingery busybodies365 for more clarity on the issue. During the second world war included the idea of a World Federation in the Esperanto movement foot the idea that the States of the world address key international issues for the benefit of global institutions should reject their absolute sovereignty. The Association of Esperanto-speaking world federalists, the Universala Ligo, was founded in 1942 in a secret meeting in the Nazi-occupied Netherlands.

Twelve years later, he had over 10,000 members. Establishment of a world Government and a world Parliament should ensure that there are no more wars and state money more in development aid rather than arms to flow. The one-world idea advocated by the Universala LIGO was 2009 “the one-world party or its worldwide governing body UNU mondo” (a world) picked up.

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