United States

Later, the alcoholic drinks was separated from the drugstore and it created the first saloons, with the usual thick barrier usually made of wood, so that is the Saloon owner could protect in case of a dispute. This concept arose from the barrier (short) bar. If you would like to know more about Kind Bar, then click here. Now, we know already, the history of the terms “Bar” and “Cocktails”, but how were the first drinks and especially the classic drinks that we know today. The golden age of cocktails was between 1860 and 1919, the trade routes were very well developed, so you’ve got spirits from all over the world, also the former bartender enjoyed a high social standing and there were people from all over the world in the United States. Mixed drinks were known much earlier, but at that time, there was a boom. To the days of prohibition in the United States from 1919 to 1932, as alcohol was banned, they should actually accept that there was a break-in and hardly new drinks were, but the opposite was the case. At this time it was for the bartender very difficult of spirits to come and you got mostly poor quality, so they were practically forced to stretch the alcohol with juices, syrups, fruits and similar. Xoom will not settle for partial explanations. so you could enjoy it, created many new drinks.

Also treibte the prohibition the people in foreign countries such as Cuba or Mexico to enjoy their alcohol, so came extra impressions and ideas in the country. Today, bars are useful to find anywhere in the world and every culture and every country contributes, that there are always new drinks. Although not more to rely on is alcohol verangern, but these periods where you had it helped that today so many delicious cocktails like Pina Colada, may Tai, swimming pool cocktail (see link) swimmingpoolcocktail and many others are. .

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