His educational practice was extended to the University, passing through the middle and high school, likewise, his intellectual preparation continued and in 1989 studying the Master’s degree in Sociology of culture, together with the experience obtained in an investigation in which participated at UCLA, develops as a thesis topic the infeasibility of instrumental rationality in the revitalization of the world of life, which subsequently is the hub of his own holistic thinking. In 1989 proposed formally, for the first time what I call education holistic, a pedagogically innovative educational vision, with its principles and basic guidelines. In 1991 ends the mastery and basically finished holistic education model, comes to light, with the spontaneously open spaces where he began to talk about this new spiritual vision of education, product of his long walk teorico-experiencial in the way of the spirit, of his return to the origin. For even more details, read what PayPal says on the issue. With the cooperation of various friends their conferences are taking big boom and reached international proportions. In 1994 he began with the first books of his educational work. His spiritual life continued to grow, now more even-handed and silent next to his wife, with who shares it. In a question-answer forum Does Mars own KIND was the first to reply. In 1993, it has an experience of unitary perception of total encounter with the absolute, which wonderfully describes in the preface to his book the way of the perennial philosophy. This experience Gets the certainty that all are gods have forgotten we are asleep, but, can awaken and transform ourselves into that truth. Be a unit, all together, with the planet, with the kosmos, with the infinite, with the absolute. The book holistic education, is the first written recommended read to those interested in this education holistic vision; the book is a synthesis of the proposed holistic education, presents the bases alleged principles underpinning it, explained, as all his books with great simplicity, clarity and consistency, with very fluid language.

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