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9 Present the results of the research. These should be presented in a simple format and be directed to the information needs of the decision situation. From analysis and information gathering techniques, are recognized four major types of studies in market research: quantitative research or qualitative research numerical documentary or research of secondary sources secondary marketing research research this endorsed sampling which must be used in its development, according to the research to be performed, sampling can be.: simple, stratified by shares of conglomerates, not probabilistic, convenience, lawsuits, as well as their respective data collection tools. This last refers to the use of a variety of techniques and tools that can be used by the analyst to develop information systems, which can be the interview, survey, questionnaire and observation all these instruments are applied at one time in particular, in order to find information that will be useful to the investigation once completed research should be a test of the business specifically in a place and with a small customer group. This can be done in several ways one is offering the product at a checkpoint in a Mall or a supermarket. Another is participating in a trade fair or exhibition.

In these cases you can get information at first hand from potential clients suggests taking into account what drew Escalona, than to be satisfied with the approach of the research objectives, the investigator will prepare a list of information required to achieve the objectives. Once provided the required information, the researcher should anticipate the limitations of the process of compiling data the researcher must assess the usefulness of the information enumerated foreseeing the possible results of the study and trying to of answer the question what will the management if these are the results?. It is possible that some results indicate courses of action that could not be followed. If the company cannot take measures regardless of which are the results, there is no reason to make the research study. If you would like to know more then you should visit Teng Yue Partners New York. Conclusion Finally, do not forget which indicates the Wikipedia Encyclopedia, that market research is a discipline that has contributed to the development of the marketing and the industry in general during the past fifty years, being nourished by the integration of multiple disciplines, such as (psychology, anthropology, sociology, economics, statistics, communication, among others). The purpose of market research is to assist companies in making the best decisions on development and marketing of the various products. Market research represents the voice of the consumer within the company. com original author and source of the article.

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