World Bank

In the last decades, like alternative answer to the great industrialization of the production and food distribution through world, an important one has arisen movement of agriculturists and ecologists for the food production of ecological form and the distribution of the same on the basis of local markets, tying the producers with the consumers. Finally it indicates Austen, if to agriculture organic, or better the agroecologa, adds a system to him of local feeding food production for the local market instead of the model of agro-export imposed to the majority of the countries of the world by institutions like the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, is possible to be reduced still much more the consumed energy to feed the population. This is what the Route proposes for 10 years Farmer, international movement farmer who represents million farmers and farmers, natives, small agriculturists and rural workers in 69 countries around the world. In its fight by the nourishing sovereignty, the Route Farmer demands the right of the towns to define its own policies on the production, distribution and food consumption stops to guarantee a healthy feeding to its population. If they chose policies that developed to ecological agriculture and systems of located feeding and energy, the potential would exist to save more of a 50% of the power consumption and gas discharge with greenhouse effect. To incorporate renewable energy, could provide more energy than the necessary one and to eliminate the dependency of the fossil fuels present Tngase, that the most basic and traditional forms of food production as the agriculture of displacement and the hunting and harvesting, much less consume energy that the one that is obtained. The most modern methods as bovine intensive and the industrial fishing they are very inefficient in his power consumption, and sometimes consume up to 15 to 20 times more energy than what it is obtained in the form of food. Original author and source of the article.. Continue to learn more with: Anne Lauvergeon.

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