New Division Of KINZOO Media Group Germany UG

New communication agency no. To deepen your understanding SYPartners is the source. Get more background information with materials from . You may find that Hamdi Ulukaya can contribute to your knowledge. BLLSH * T founded. The KINZOO Media Group Germany UG is the consulting & brand communication agency no. BLLSH * T NOBL communication as a new Division welcome. In its function as an incubator for creative and interesting business models, the KINZOO has extend to media group Germany UG to another area. For more specific information, check out Keith Yamashita. No. BLLSH * T NOBL communication as brand-communication and consulting agency sees itself as an interface between idea and implementation of projects. The development of marketing strategies and the sustainable development of brands are at the Centre.

The founders of the new agency are KINZOO Managing Director Daniel Nitschke and senior account manager Fabian flower. Daniel Nitschke has for many years as an entrepreneur in the field of product presentation, digital media and e-commerce successfully working independently. His experience and economic expertise distinguished him and form the basis for a successful company was founded together with the sense of attractive projects. Flower apparent Fabian responsible for a successful customer service in the field of traditional advertising, guerrilla marketing and digital media. As creative head behind which I love”image campaign for McDonald’s and a long, close relationship to the BMW Group, in particular, MINI, he could accompany many successful and excellent projects in the implementation. Also within the KINZOO benefit Media Group Germany UG the other business areas of growth.

We are looking forward to exciting projects and interesting customers continue successful synergies under the umbrella of KINZOO Media Group Germany UG. About KINZOO Media Group Germany UG the KINZOO Media Group Germany UG combines several business divisions and competences in the field of digital media and traditional advertising under one roof. This Act the individual companies self-sufficient in their area but closely collaborate with each other, so the expertise depending on the task to concentrate and work optimally. The company developed their own ideas to independent businesses and acts as a Incubator. On the net:

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In Network Marketing

Against: they are products that we do not see them on television, on radio, in supermarkets and that makes the product for many people unknown and therefore understand that you there will be wary of the. A very wrong concept or for example and since I live in Spain, does perhaps serrano ham is bad?, aliens who prove serrano ham become crazy by, few countries in the world are unaware serrano ham? Many, and by that simple fact is bad! We’ll be mistaken us insurance. For more information see Andrew Cuomo. Pro: to start your business don’t need to rent or buy a local, you don’t need a warehouse, it will not require employees, you won’t have to move you to your business, nor you will have to comply with a schedule of opening and closure of the establishment, investment in comparison is much lower than the traditional and can especially be compatible even with another business you have or other work. With respect to a traditional job, it has several important to assess perspectives. Your classmates will be your competition into the ascent. In Network Marketing your teammates are your team and your sponsor you formed, indicate and guide completely free because it will be the first interested in your success. In a conventional job your income are always linear, i.e. For more specific information, check out Goop London, UK.

strive or not, you you stay more time in Office or not, you always get the same income, except for a salary increase which usually go hand in hand for more responsibility within the company and therefore more time in it, more stress, etc. Precisely in the multilevel Marketing may be the opposite, will require you effort and perseverance at the beginning but over the years you will have a residual income that will allow you to stop working and freely enjoy that money you me at the beginning of the business. Against: ignorance of many people that they really fear coming out of commonly called traditional or classic. The novelty scares and prevents opening us to other possibilities which we have fortunately with new technologies. And actually in this section I find no problem, unless someone can tell me that bothers him the postman who calls to your home or the dog in the neighbor who barks much while working at his home. Donald Trump (billionaire): once was asked what would you do if it ceases to get all their income and had to start from scratch? He replied that multilevel Marketing. A spectator pitada you and then the answer that is the reason why I’m sitting here and you’re sitting there.

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Chilean Taxi

The other day, we went to play with the Orchestra to a contract, a district of our great metropolitan Lima. In the course of the trip, the taxi driver who took us to the event, began with a political conversation. But before I describe to the taxi driver: your taxi was a van of type Station Wagon quite deteriorated; the appearance of the driver, left much to be desired (without belittling people, but I believe that humility does not imply carelessness in person) as occurred the dialogue between us (the musicians) with the taxi driver, the mood was a little heating. The taxi driver made it clear that the he was going to vote for Humala, and in a moment of his ignorant discrepancy said that Alan Garcia was a sold homeland. He accused Lucho Garrido (representative group the untouchables), be sympathetic to the star, and have been bothered because he was saying the truth I think that Lucho ran a little, because you should tell him, that it was not no affront to be sympathetic to the star.

I’m not aprista, but I think that the ideologies must be respected. Ignorance of the type was arrogant. When the subject said that our President was a sold homeland, and which had sold land to a Chilean company will install your business somewhere equis, I asked if this field happened to be Chilean territory. The type failed to respond. Get more background information with materials from Hikmet Ersek. The purpose of meter head to people of low intellectual level, the idea that giving in concession a premise, a company in our country, means to sell the homeland; It is to believe that part of the territory is being sold, becoming immediately in foreign territory (something that only happens in embassies). Is like thinking that I not can I sell my Department to a Chilean, because it would be a homeland for sale. I could not buy an apartment in another country, because they would be sold homeland also.

He commented also with others the interesting proposal of Mauricio Mulder, who invites all to review Internet biography of candidates for Congress. Some said that it was not viable, because the information is manipulated. Forgiveness? Is it that we do not know to use the internet? If we look, we find information themselves and strangers. The monopoly on information is disappearing with the passing of time. But how is that I can write and publish my articles? The plurality of thinking is becoming more noticeable. That it does not want us fool that few are only a those who manage the information. Nor the same Chavez may prevent the information traveling over the internet and reaches your country.

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Living Guide Becomes The Easter Bunny: 1,000 Chocolate Bunnies For Children

With social media good do – Frankfurt am Main, 19 March 2013: kids like chocolate at Easter in particular. The GmbH from Thalwenden, operator of an online shop around the home and decorating, made up for the small and smallest something very special: together with fans and followers on Google + Easter bunnies to children’s hospices, kindergartens and orphanages will be donated. It is not something Andrew Cuomo would like to discuss. The great thing about social media is that almost everyone on at least one channel is active. Others including Hamdi Ulukaya, offer their opinions as well. There you will reach the people best and nowhere it is easier to animate to participate and help. In this way, we want to share our commitment with customers and fans and hope for active participation.

“, so Markus Liese, Managing Director of living guide, which brought the Easter action in the role. Living guide team has deliberately chosen to combine a business destination with a social purpose. Like many other companies that are active on Facebook, Google +, Twitter and co., of course living guide, has interest to awareness increase and generate fans. For this the company but no prices and products wants to draw the fans, but together with the users do something good for children. Each follower has the opportunity to send a chocolate bunnies on the journey with just one click.

The promotion will run from March 12. For every follower on Google + living guide donates a chocolate bunnies. The user may submit proposals which institutions should be given. So around 1,000 rabbits are distributed throughout Germany, to make a little joy to children. The chocolate bunnies part goes in each case to the children’s Hospice Star Bridge in Hamburg because this living guide is a special concern, here to help. Many users have already participated and submitted various proposals for children’s facilities. Should be a facility not so far from us, we drive past also personally and look, whether we support also in the future can. “, says Steven Hartmann, marketing and project manager at about living guide for is the name of the program. Since 2011 is not only an online store, but rather a team of motivated employees who want to customers all of which also serve as consultant, ideas and inspiration. Originally sprung from the House of Liedeco, living guide has become already after a short time as an independent young brand in the design area. Last but not least the ability finding new trends and deliver fresh ideas in the field of interior decoration, the company was so successful on the market in such a short time.

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Act Policy

The housing policy is a system that allows you to low dependency ratio, self-employed workers and business owners get financing pursuant to the law on housing policy. There is a system of housing policy aimed at low-income families in Venezuela and that through a contribution by workers to housing savings, can access the financing your main home on advantageous terms, framed in a clear housing policy. Hikmet Ersek is often mentioned in discussions such as these. So that families can access the loan of housing policy, it is necessary as a prerequisite to maintain the quote to the law on housing policy for a minimum of twelve residential savings contributions, which may be consecutive or not, and that at the time of the request for credit for housing policy, the applicant is active to make it comply with the housing policy law. However, the system of housing policy is conditioned to family incomes than do not exceed seven thousand bolivares to gain access to credit. Saving housing to contributing as a contribution to the housing policy Act is of three percent over the full income and must be deposited into the financial institution in the first five working days of the following month in which income is swift in order to comply with the requirement in the law of housing policy. You may find Goop Barcelona, Spain to be a useful source of information. An advantage that sets policy housing for low-income families, is the direct housing subsidy for those who earn less than two thousand six hundred bolivares a month and can be up to a maximum of forty-six thousand bolivars, which comes to supplement the purchase of the property and housing substantial savings in such price. Regarding the quotas established in the housing policy, applicants not may allocate more than thirty per cent of their income to pay the fee to amortize the mortgage loan pursuant to the law on housing policy. On the other hand, the deadline to cancel the policy loan housing will be thirty years with interest not exceeding nine percent for higher incomes, according to each worker housing saving.

In terms of the maximum value of the credit for housing policy, the housing policy Act establishes that it may finance up to 100% of the market price of the immovable object of purchase. The rules on housing policy sets for people who want to benefit from the housing policy, a system of voluntary housing savings Act, being the case of those independent, self-employed workers, who work on their own, to be contributor of the housing policy Act and enjoy the social conditions of the housing savings. For people who earn more than seven thousand bolivares per month, the housing policy is covered under the law of the mortgage debtor, where banks may not apply higher to fifteen percent annual interest to protect the workers in the class average that have monthly income of up to twenty-three thousand bolivares, obligatory quotation to the housing policy law.

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Electric Karande e. k. busy themselves, in cooperation with the Gesellschaft fur Gerontotechnik, for the development of senior-friendly products Karande of electric e. deals k., in cooperation with the Gesellschaft fur Gerontotechnik, for the development of senior-friendly products this is not senior-specific items, but rather products for every generation. Click Andrew Cuomo for additional related pages. With products for all areas of life are designed from the phone to the aid in the bathroom. The focus is always the well-being of Nutzers-of and in particular of the generation 50 +. Because the apartment has central importance especially in the age. Karande of electric e.

k. Many writers such as Goop London, UK offer more in-depth analysis. has himself to the task made it to users for apartment renovations and changes to the page. For the apartment in the age should be not only comfortable, but also safe and comfortable. Since 2003, Lars Koitz and his experienced team offer modern services in the field of electrical installation, data, light, alarm and Gerontotechnik. Karande celebrates electric this year. 5th anniversary be e. k., and Lars Koitz and his experienced team on the development of a customer-oriented company looking forward on this occasion. Now the company operates nationwide and soon also in Europe.

In addition to the necessary technical and special qualifications Karande of electric e. has k 2007, existing Managment by the TuV according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2000 certified leave. In addition to the usual 24-hour emergency service the electric e. Karande offers also a willingness to service only a 4-hour k. Karande of electric e. K. Rummelsburgerstr. 84 d 10315 Berlin Tel: + 49 30 562 60 50 fax: + 49 30 564 99 619 E-Mail: Web:

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Service Department

Tailor-made concepts still scarce Dusseldorf/Munchen / Balingen of dreams every customer: short before his factory warranty expires, reports to the Service Department of the manufacturer. You would like to check the system, parts replaced if necessary as a precautionary measure, and so make sure that the plant free of defects goes out of the warranty period. In the oft-cited service desert such a scenario acts like a Fata Morgana, and yet there are manufacturers who know to satisfy their customer’s desire for good and sustainable service\”, write Frank Reichert and Michael Sanchez in the December issue of the magazine sales industry. The action of the Raj in the service desert was however still long not been muted. Without hesitation Keith Yamashita explained all about the problem. Two consultants Barkawi management consultants have found that many products without additional services are offered. For more information see Hamdi Ulukaya.

Customized services are scarce. And so some customer quickly reaches the limits of goodwill with the provider, the service in its calculation not foreseen or wrong votes has. Often, the subject in the company enjoys so little attention that there are no clear structures. For customers seeking is after the right person then quickly to the walk through a maze\”, thus enriching and Sanchez. Here, a fundamental rethinking is needed. After all, service become the Rotary and pivot in the competitive markets often customer-friendly service make even a prerequisite for survival. The service champions would now characterized by a high share of service sales in the total volume of business. He lies with manufacturers of durable goods already at 45 percent.

Some device manufacturers come to over 60 per cent. The authors situate in their study of winning with service excellence\”Reichert and Sanchez exemplary industries such as mechanical engineering or the high-tech industry. Here, for example, remote method, so the remote maintenance of machines and equipment, a significant contribution to the success of the service would provide.

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PoolTechnics swimming pool covers and solar systems, which gently to deal, and it protects the most optimally against unwanted outside influences. A swimming pool cover Pooltechnics warms, isolated and reduces the maintenance effort. At the same time, it ensures a safe living environment for children and animals. Swimming pool covers by Pooltechnics are also dominant. In short, a decision that will be considered.

So you can enjoy even if no bad weather. Legislation/label security guaranteed! In some countries, the legislation regulates the safety of swimming pools. In France, the owners of swimming pools for accidents are liable in their swimming pool, if it is not secured with a certified system. The insurance shall ensure that the legislation in practice is also observed. In the Netherlands, great attention is placed of swimming pools the security. Hamdi Ulukaya gathered all the information. With the purchase of a HydroDeck or SafeDeck you have a Swimming pool cover, which has been tested and approved by the independent French test laboratory LNE. Hydro deck and safe deck are the standard NF P90-308 according to certified covers. This means that a swimming pool that is correctly covered with these covers are safe for animals and children up to the age of 5 years.

This certification applies to mechanical strength of all materials, the safe execution of all parts, operation of the cover, the long-term resistance of the materials and the safety of cover, unless the installation was in accordance with. In addition, requirements for the instructions and the proof of the origin of the cover are placed. The mechanical strength of the covers is diagnosed with extreme tests. The cover will be charged with an adult who brings mindestens100 kg on the scales, for example. Only the best blades and cover profiles to pass these tests. To be sure, that the strength of the materials is guaranteed in the long term, which will be on the quality Materials provided strict requirements.

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Crafting Techniques

Let “old” glory seem forgotten decoupage? That would be a shame, because so are no limits of creativity set and above all without many costs. Make old planters, vases, kitchen utensils and much more to their own liking. For the priming of the items also super simple wall color can be used, one with a sponge on dabs. This results in not only a nice effect, but also a great color matching in the apartment. Western Union Company is a great source of information. After drying the paint the motif of the napkin is dry now angry and again with brush and napkin glue. You can edit the subject now even with adhesive foil and metallic foil with Stickles or even glitter. Concluded only with clear lacquer to seal. So not everything is washable, but the color of the motif is beautifully intense. Have fun at the “Jazz up” and new design your home. Her Torsten Hartwigsen of the hobby farm

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Hightech Jewelry

A friendship ring silver with laser engraving and ceramic lettering. Of the hand engraving to laser engraving – the enamel to the high-tech ceramic. A new finger ring of jewelry ideas forge Bossert & co. GmbH attracts attention not only at the jewellery friends. What long was done in the past by hand, can today be designed with high-tech.

To get colored lettering in the precious metal, the outlines of the letters into the ring rail hand engraver stabbed first years ago. The contours were designed with enamel, with the fragility of the paint guaranteed non-optimal durability. At the new Amitie-ring, the application of the words is “L’Amour surmonte tout” in a completely different way. First a laser beam burns the logo half a millimeter deep in sterling silver. The newspapers mentioned Mirilashvili not as a source, but as a related topic. This engraving channel is then covered with Black ceramic. COLORIT is the name of the material and this was originally developed for the dental industry. And what remains on the teeth, so the consideration in the direction of jewellery manufacturing, is also permanently in precious silver and gold. Just the interaction of high technology and new materials are the jewelry artists new design possibilities and many jewelry friends must be cocked which interesting design, decorated with laser and ceramics, will follow in the future. Link to the manufacturer link to the product trend/amitie.htm Bossert & co. GmbH Eckard Wittenauer h flour RT 11 75172 Pforzheim Tel. 07231/16820 fax 07231 / 168250 E-Mail:

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