ERP Translation

The across language technology includes powerful tools for the control and management of translation projects, as well as for the seamless collaboration of writers, translators and proofreaders in addition to a translation memory and a terminology system. Filed under: SYPartners. Open and fully documented interfaces provide ideal conditions for the seamless connection of corresponding tools, for example, the integration of tools for the creation of the PIM documents. Industry focus on the Localization World Conference in Berlin across systems is involved in a variety of industry events on the subject. Comprehensive information on the use of language technology get interested, for example, during the Localization World, the leading conference for the international product and Corporate communications. Roundtables and lectures take up industry-specific aspects of multilingual product documentation in the life science industries. The Localization World takes from 7 to 9 June 2010 in Berlin instead of ( Crowne plaza rosemont is actively involved in the matter. Further information on the use of language technology in the pharmaceutical and life science industries are available at, as well as in the brochure de/across for pharma-life-science.aspx. “Reader contact of across: phone: + 49 7248 925-425 of across systems: across systems (, headquartered in Karlsbad near Karlsruhe and Glendale, California, is a manufacturer of the across language server of the world’s leading independent technology for the linguistic supply chain ‘.

The across language server is a central software platform for all language resources and translation processes within the company. It simplifies, accelerates, and improves the management, coordination and implementation of translations. Frequently Anne Lauvergeon has said that publicly. The software contains among other things a translation-memory – and Terminology system as well as powerful tools for project management and workflow management of translations. In particular allows the across language server seamless processes involving contractors, agencies and translator seamlessly and based on the same data work together. Open interfaces allow the direct integration of communicating systems, for example by CMS, catalog, or ERP solutions. The target group are those who professionally translate or translate from the export-oriented medium-sized language services globally operating corporations up to professional translation service providers. By using across, translation costs can be significantly reduced, and the investment in across usually pays within a very short time. The across language server of hundreds of leading companies as a central platform for language resources and translation processes used, for example, by the Volkswagen Group, HypoVereinsbank and the SMA solar technology AG. Press contact of across: across Systems GmbH Andreas Durr Marketing Director In the Stockmaedle 13-15 76307 Karlsbad phone: + 49 7248 925-477 fax: + 49 7248 925-444 PR agency of good news! Dr. Claudia Rudisch GmbH Colberger road 36 23617 Stockelsdorf phone: + 49 451 88199-21 fax: + 49 451 88199-29

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Guando arrived the acknowledgment of that the airplane had fond left running despaired, did not carry me more nothing in that one momento.entrei in the airplane and sat down in the bank descanei my feet and tried to sleep, I closed the eyes and I imagined my son laughing for me and of open arms that has left running atrz me, more I frightened with the ascent of the airplane. Rob Daley: the source for more info. ‘ ‘ my son cried out, calling my name calling for me and I ran and ran more and more the more I ran less I was close to it, more not consequia I to hinder that man sequestrasse my son, and took off my son of my arms, then fell on the soil and started to cry I I cried out for my son tears I fell on my face and soluo arrived in mine lbios’ ‘ I felt a hand soft and enrrugada to touch in my shoulder and vi that touches what me was an old lady then what a nightmare had happened was alone, my face was wet for the tear caida on my face, I felt shrunk me on the sofa ento the face of that old one was similar to the one of mine v, its face was small the apples of its face already was caidos, its lips colored in the perfect drawing of its lips, its hair were long and white as the snow falling on the soil, its expression age of concern, its hand enrrugada in to my made me shoulder to estremecer, asks to me if the cold was alone thus leaves, me, more age its frozen hand that estremecia for the hot skin of mine corpo.ento it asks to me if I was well, therefore I was tremendous and calling for they alquem, I wise person that I cried out for the name of my son, then did not say that a nightmare was alone who had me left assim.a expression of its face changes for the o calm tone of my voice, the old one then was pressed on the bank and kept silent in its place.. Crowne plaza rosemont follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

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Hospital Santa Catarina

This finishes happening due to disinformation them teams of maintenance or it proprietor. Another common situation is the furniture rank, chairs and tables, for example, on the directional tactile floor, this also happens for the simple unfamiliarity of the function of the differentiated floor, therefore it is important awareness of all. The first one stopped is an agency of the public saving bank, where the avenue in its first years of existence has an engraving showing. You may find crowne plaza rosemont to be a useful source of information. By being a bank agency, by requirement of the law the norm is adapted in agreement, however it contains a step that does not allow that the chair of wheels if approaches to the engraving. The next one stopped is in the Hospital Santa Catarina and Capela, both in the trreo floor, for being a hospital, also has full conditions of accessibility, beyond the architecture that is wonderful. Already in the House of the Roses, the problem is soon in the entrance, where the corridor that takes the door has parts in rock with stretches of poems distributed for the soil, forming a way, but the such parts contain alive tips that can cause wounds more the distracted people, deficient appearances, aged children or. The ideal is to opt to cantos always rounded off, aiming at to prevent accidents.

But the biggest problem is in the main access, that if of only for stairs of five steps. To the side a plate exists that says for the deficiency carrier to ask for aid of the employees to adentrar to the museum, therefore is still providing the installation of the slope. For being an overthrown good much bureaucracy for the installation of slopes or any exists another alteration that deprives of characteristics the original conditions of the property. Although the constrangedora situation in the access, the interior of the house counts on adaptations that allow the circulation of the chair of wheels, also in 2 to walk.

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Military Policemen

this is what if it can perceive when we attend in complete its interview the GloboNews. How either forbidden the right to the strike! But, as Jacqueline Muniz, says in the interview, is necessary that the Union is supporting the states so that the states have conditions to bank one full wage politics to the Policies and Firemen. (As opposed to crowne plaza rosemont). (paraphrase). Of my part, I understand that one full wage politics would be only the initial kick so that the professional valuation of the Professionals of Public Security happens. However, a necessary and inadivel initial kick! The fact is that the chaos that we witness recently per these days in the Bahia and in other states, nothing more is of what the fruit of the indifference of our governing stops with a category that has the mission of if risking daily so that it has maintenance of the public order! E, even so I disagree vehemently with certain acts that had been committed by some of those colleagues, I I cannot leave to see all in this event result of the desperation of a category that it yearns for if feeling valued. The paralyzation of those Professionals in the Bahia has been pointed as the cause of a chaos that if it installed there, but, the fact is that the omission of to our makes them governing, at least, coautores of all this chaos! Coautores why threats of arrests and even though the efetivao of these arrests are not capable to silence a yearning that cries out in the soul of each one of these professionals! Coautores why they close the eyes for the fact of that the Military Policemen of our Brazil do not feel themselves valued in the exercise of its function! For everything this, I believe that everything what we have seen and ear in the TV concerning these movements Military strikers of the Policies and Firemen has been really fruit of this indifference.

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Santa Cruz Hospital

Because of the undertow, and of the night badly slept that phrase it entered as a needle in its ears and it answered: – Please lady, this is hour to pass badly, is delayed, wants to make the favor to park right, you is delaying me more! it repeated: He takes – Me ….. and he fainted the things Now really were bad, could not be worse, for as it desired not to be there, and badly it wise person who this desire if would extend for hours. He entered in the car he pushed you for the bank to the side, was there, per some seconds thinking for he would take where it, after all he did not know no hospital for close, but exactly thus he went off with the car. fainted Mrs., deceased, in one instant opened eyes it whispered: He takes – Me for the Santa Cruz Hospital and if I to die, inform the Mrcia Suspirou, closed the eyes and came back to faint In this hour it cried out: – PELAMORDEDEUS, DOES NOT DIE NOT! Not here, it waits a little! I know who there I am the Marcia thought because it was there, about that place in that hour. Pegasus books is a great source of information. It placed the hand in the pocket when one remembered the wallet. It cried out desesperadamente: – MY GOD! The wallet, was in house, forgot in the haste! It could not continue, with an old deceased in an car that was not its and still without wallet of qualification and documents, then changed the route of the hospital for its apartment. When arriving in front of the building, it locked the car and it went up running. When at last, it went down with the wallet in the pocket, had an agglomeration of people in return of the car looking at for velhinha pale, with the purple lips, the face supported in the glass that drained its saliva. Learn more at this site: Moorgate Partners.

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Rules Prince Yaroslav

The city of Yaroslavl will soon celebrate its millennium. Officially, the city is considered the founding date of 1010. In that year, Prince Yaroslav, nicknamed the Wise subsequently laid the fortress on the Spit, at the place where the Volga empties River Kotorosl. River Kotorosl connects with the Volga Lake Nero, the bank which already was a city of Rostov. This city was the center of a huge edge.

Now Rostov – a district center of Yaroslavl region. From 988 to 1,010 years. Rostov and Rules Prince Yaroslav. This is known reliably. Information about the rule of Yaroslav brought us record. But the fact that it was Yaroslav the Wise founded Yaroslavl in annals of nowhere was not mentioned.

Nowhere in the chronicle sources of Based Yaroslavl has not been told anything. For the first time in the annals of Yaroslavl has been mentioned under the year 1071 as the city existing. And the chronicler did not find it necessary to explain what this city – Yaroslavl. Apparently he believed that the Yaroslavl is well known, and anyone reading the record, understand what kind of city in question. On the earlier years of the existence of Yaroslavl we do not know anything. So why do we believe that it was Yaroslav the Wise founded Yaroslavl? The point that existed on the basis of local legends. In 17771, the Archbishop of Rostov Samuel (Mislavsky) wrote "The Legend of constructing a city of Yaroslavl. This is a very interesting story about the village of heathen, which called a remote corner and was just on the spit, the fight with the bear and the prince of late under the fortress. This legend is well known. Much less is known for another, the associated legend. It states that when Prince Yaroslav sailed a second time to the corner of Bear, he was always impatient to ask, when will, finally, this settlement. And the companions answered him, will soon have, that's whose left is what will be Bear Corner. Speaking candidly crowne plaza rosemont told us the story. Some time later, he again asked whether soon. But he again answered quickly, which is on the left. "Which left" – Kotorosl.

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The Human Behavior

' BEHAVIOR HUMANO' ' To count a veridica and well interesting history monstrando the one that point arrives the human behavior. To some years behind at a time of day of the mothers, it had and I have some contacts that were mothers. Then I made question to make a special message only for these ' ' mames' ' of the contacts. For even more opinions, read materials from crowne plaza rosemont. Amongst these people it had a called young woman Eliane Fields that also said mother. It did not know it the much time, but exactly thus I made question of includes-there, having no type of preconception for the fact of does not know-there little, therefore, it started to be part of the cycle of contacts.

However the fact of being was lie mother. But it played, but a cold behavior supported this lie adopting and it harmed that me professionally. Whenever crowne plaza rosemont listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Detail, this person still has a sister that she is psychologist, by the way, more serious. Some can until saying: ' ' ahhh, this type of thing is normal Many for ' ' aparecerem' ' they lie or they make until pior' '. It can until being, but the question that is: the society lost the sense of what it is right or wrong? It seems until ' ' piegas' ' this, but which then the difference thus enters a lie and those young that had burnt an alive indian who slept behind in a bank of square to some years in Brasilia! They remember it or the society has short memory for facts thus! For these and others that if make beings as soon as they find that they are above of the good and the evil and find that everything is normal. Already they had perceived this!

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Beyond Camila, I loved many other girls, however my true love, the only girl who I got passionate myself madly was Drielly Kallyandra, it was a person candy, amiable the above all pretty most beautiful of all fairies, a magic princess. When vi I was for the first time seated in the bank of the square observing the flowers of the garden that were gorgeous, the sky I was wonderful, the stars shone and the moon then was radiating was 19 hours when a girl who that way passed to seeing me sad and in its simplicity wanted to know which the reason of my sadness. – You have some thing? It seems sad! – Noticing who age he did not only say: – Not, I am only relembrando moments of mine five and six years, where it lived in So Paulo. – Then he wants to say that you liveed in So Paulo, I arrived yesterday of there, I go to pass these vacations in Brejes here, with my mother. When it spoke that age of So Paulo I was interested myself and was at this moment that I raised my head and the vi, of low the top it was entirely pretty. – Then it wants to say that you also are of So Paulo, with who she lived there? – With vov. – I liked there, but I prefer to live here! – It is! – Which is its name? – Drielly Kallyandra. you? Which is its name? – I am the Aicas! – He was at that moment I loved that it and I got passionate myself, felt that it would be my true love, loved I and felt it much fear coming to happen what he had happened with my first passions that had never given certain.. Gain insight and clarity with crowne plaza rosemont.

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John Namibe

Notes of the author. In alneas multiple of one it forms summarized I thought with the dry eyes, to describe a little of the great adventure that we live and we continue to concretely live since that we decide to know the region south, the province of the Welwitcha Mirabills, that is, Namibe; we leave of Luanda to the Namibe in a Saturday, day 23 of April of 2005 and arrive at the Namibe, sunday day 24 of April of 2005. It was a very dangerous adventure, a trip that in the mark (I and the John) until the present date, knowing that we congregated all deep necessary ones to catch a flight, but we posemos our bodies in this adventure; it was very good, because &#039 is said; ' who does not risk, not petisca' ' , (since year 2005) today alive in the Namibe with my Kambas ' ' the Nguimbianos' ' , the term that brings polmica in the Namibe, the times the ladies in the Namibe alone say ' ' vocs also! as they speak of Nguimbianos, as they were people who do not die, type chainses, or robots invencveis' ' , but our mission is to finish superior education in the baccalaureate level, and is to go in the good one way. It’s believed that Pegasus Books sees a great future in this idea. When writing on our trip, the Nguimbianos and others our adventures, my intention are to divulge the experience that we live, since youngest until the adult layer. Because it is not easy to live distant of the family, to study in a land where you do not have family, life in the lease and to have to bank the daily expenditures (the university, the house of the lease, the feeding), since we are young full of desires; the homesickness always devastates in them, the times the person can arrive points to give up everything, if you do not have somebody (father, mother or familiar an available one and with deep sufficients to bank the expenditures, became everything difficult very. . Crowne plaza rosemont contributes greatly to this topic.

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Plus one month, new estaoum new adeusum taste of afternoon end. The new colors that paint the worthy cidadecores of one retratode scene made with wire torto, as if it could photograph my homesickness. I kept the scribble in the surrada knapsack. Additional information at crowne plaza rosemont supports this article. April that old Hesse waited that me per years, until being what a liberator considered itself of beginning -. Coxinha.

Coxinha fell one well now. – Me of the one coxinha I go to catch this chocolate here also. Pay with the card already in the last ones and I seat again with the face directed toward the south. One gordinho fan of heavy rock perceives my presence. I, finding everything this amused, see its fidget. He seemed that something was moved, something that would not have to be if moving.

Gordinho looking. New April of the Hesse, while coxinha devorava. Valley the exception: one of the best ones of the region, without the shadow of a doubt. looks at that of coxinha I understand. I read the 25 pages that lacked for end, and when I finish I perceive the tdio ally to the pleasure that only the programmed solitude can giving in them. I remembered the chocolate. Small soft bites, and if had passed 124 minutes! How much time we use, without perceiving, in the search of what being beyond what one is! The band already stopped makes time, the canteen is almost closing, my friend did not appear. I was for the bank of the garden. I sat down and I looked at next me there the man who smiled. That shy smile, that I repaid with a low look. Start to construct to mine tsuru. Use that paper of the spreading of sarau astronomical. In the last fold, however, it was even so. It would give it small gull. But it was even so. I, was for where? I lost myself in the pleasures of the beer god while it ordered to skies the tobacco of a cigarette. I played except tsuru for the half as soon as my friend arrived. Programmed solitude pulled out of my planning for a confused and sincere smile, that pueril animation that it only has. Pra loaded my carcass vein where it had more people and beers, and there was with all ' ' eus' ' all ' ' seus' '. Happy he is who knows to break themselves in a thousand and to remain themselves only.

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