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Insurance Law Property

If the bank gave permission to the borrower for a loan of $ 30,000, and the borrower expects exactly that amount – borrowing it (namely the same amount) will not receive! Because the bank stipulates that issued the credit shall not be more than 80% (or 70% – depending on the bank) of the purchase […]

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Sometimes in order to obtain it is still required to complete a questionnaire and pay a small fee for processing the card. However, the conditions for granting of discounts for such discount cards vary widely, so be sure to carefully read the rules of use of the card when it is received. – These maps […]

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Accounting Outsourcing

What is outsourcing? Outsourcing the transfer of certain functions (work, processes and services), non-core for the company to service other company or person specializing in this field. The services of a service nature of outsourcing is different in that they have not one time (when the need arises), and permanent. Accounting outsourcing services are extremely […]

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Realtors And Contracts

These apartments are 20-30% cheaper than the market. If you clearly know what you want and realize that enough money, do not have endless view. In professional Realtors have that sort of rule that the customer must make their choice at 5-6 viewing. In general, it is justified. If a realtor pro, then offer it […]

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Broker – Friend Or Foe ?

Each year an increasing number of bank customers, borrowers enjoy a variety of services. Assistance in obtaining a loan – one of the most common services such as broker – is the connecting link between the bank and client, on whose shoulders lie the responsibility for many operations. The hotel brokers have resorted both physical […]

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Saturday Credit

Representing different of credit relations, the lender and the borrower is pursuing each his own goal. For the lender this goal is to provide credit and, consequently, profit. According to nbu, on March 1, 2008 license banking operations had 176 banks. According to analysts, the number of banks is redundant for Ukraine. In addition to […]

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Small Business

To correct the critical situation requires efforts on both sides. For credit institutions can be effective options for resolving problems: – introduction of banks standardized procedures that reduce the cost of lending and reduce the time for consideration of loan applications – increasing the urgency of the banks' liabilities, thereby reducing the gaps between assets […]

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Accelerated Market

The results of this influence is not always provided, so it is inherent in the nature of instability. Tiffany & Co. oftentimes addresses this issue. Because the problem of sustainability of small businesses is certainly relevant. In general, under the sustainable development of small businesses should be understood as its operation, at which the short-and […]

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How To Open A Deposit In Foreign Bank

To open a deposit abroad, you must provide zabugornye bank the following information and documents: a copy of your passport, documents from the police (that you just do not have and had no problem with them). And most importantly it is the latter, since it is a crucial fact to provide you with the deposit. […]

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Banks and Stability

In terms of political and economic instability, and monetary uncertainty in Ukraine, the implementation of deposit in a bank becomes an increased risk. The first question that arises from potential investor: "Which bank is stable and solvent?". And we are talking about solvency in the short term – up to 3 months since, to date, […]

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