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Receivables Management

Vantargis factoring provides snippet factoring for mid-market Munich, November 5, 2008 – Vantargis factoring, the nationwide, independent factoring company, has expanded its factoring service with the possibility of cutting factoring. Depending on the industry, as well as a company sales size, different requirements with regard to the use of factoring play an important role. In […]

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Private Health Insurance

Rules on deadlines and runtimes who studied can assure himself private, regardless of insurance status of parents or previous own health. However certain deadlines and rules must be observed, informed by the private krankenversicherung.de insurance portal. In General, students have within the first three months after the start of the study the opportunity to free […]

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Stock Market: Caution Against Premature Optimism!

AVIMA informed: high risk of burns on the stock markets due to the ongoing economic stimulus packages is to detect a glimmer of hope for the economy. The Group of stock market optimists wins fast followers, all of them claiming that the previous low for the year was the absolute nadir of the financial crisis […]

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DAX Market

Please note this Markus Frick recommendation! During discussions with other analysts and stock market letter editors, I, Markus Frick, found that the uncertainty is still very large. Some colleagues thought that one should simply close the eyes and simply must see problems across the whole n. Surely, this is a way to invest in these […]

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Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Deutsche Borse has many features. In this article we want to illuminate once more the most important you. Exchanges conform to an organised market are subject to in accordance with the laws of the local securities industry. In the micro-economic definition exchanges come close to a perfect market. On exchanges, securities (bonds, equities) are among […]

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ATMs Fee

Will be paid in a foreign currency (E.g. in England pounds), the Bank the foreign currency fee rises. The amount of the fee refers to paid tickets sales. Almost all providers assumes a fixed fee in addition to the revenue-based fee. These Fee is often between 0.77 (E.g. Comdirect) and 1. Some riders also require […]

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Online Credit DKB

The online loan comparison that preemptively necessary Thal in the Switzerland, 25.09.2009. Due to the individual claims, the editorial staff from the various credit institutions monthly chooses the Bank with the most consumer-friendly conditions. In September 2009 the choice on the independent credit rating credit of the German credit Bank and the credit-dependent the Creditplus […]

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Managing Director

Different industries will need individual insurance coverage a business liability insurance is part of the standard insurance of large and small companies. It protects the business itself but also its representative such as a Managing Director and all employees in their professional activities. The contractor unlimited liable for negligently caused injury or property damage. By […]

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Mobile Devices

Who does its banking with your mobile phone or Smartphone, should comply with the same safety standards as in online banking. “Berlin fixing applications for cell phones and Smartphones, short apps”, are on the rise worldwide. Thanks to these programmes by banks and bank-independent providers, bank customers can complete their banking transactions in the subway, […]

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