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Supreme Council

The representatives of indigenous communities, which aim to integrate the Senate, must have exercised position of traditional authority in their respective communities, or have been leaders of an indigenous organization, quality certificate shall be furnished by the respective organization endorsed by the Ministry of Interior. TRANSITIONAL CLAUSE. If after one year of enactment of this […]

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New Findings In Antiquity Research

Where do Europeans really come from what most of the development of mankind know is that it was not until the hunters and gatherers, then were sedentary farmers and eventually followed the modern Central Europeans. But where did these people? Settled in Europe has evolved, or it was imported? As the news portal reported news.de, […]

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Solar Energy

The solar energy is radiated into space in all directions, this energy is distributed in a hypothetical spherical surface whose center is the sun and whose radius grows at the same speed as the establishment itself. The larger the radius of the sphere, the area becomes and the incident energy decreases if we want to […]

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