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French Spanish

Spaniards are, after the French, more numerous Marrakech seconds visitors and inhabitants. More than half a million tourists visit each year the ochre city from Spain and many of them have settled in the city more or less permanently. The Hispanic connection of Marrakech goes beyond his brotherhood with the city of Granada or its […]

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Crusher Industry

Crusher industry should take innovation The mining machinery industry in China simultaneously faces opportunities and challenges in 2012. With the gradual completion of investment projects which are put forward in China s 12th Five-Year Plan, the investment opportunities and policies that stimulate the development of China s crushing machinery industry are also reduced step by […]

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Road Safety

As a result of the Fourth Ibero-American meeting on road safety in 2007, held in Cordoba, Argentina, aroused serious expectations for the formation of a Regional Association that would face violence road on our streets and roads in proportion as high as describe it the reports of the Organization of the United Nations, the World […]

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do you feel better when you define you by what you do or what you are? in 3 ways that lograrias feel better with respect to what you are? STEP 5: Effective management of the TIEMPOIdentifica which excuses (internal conversations) use to postpone.Identifies what AREAS of your life postergas more and why.Turn you that excuse […]

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World Bank

Foods, on the other hand, are not left behind. The international price of rice diet basic of almost half of the world, he spent $ 300 ton to more than 1,200 dollars. And the price of wheat and corn, fundamental in the diet of almost half of the population, has increased almost 50% from last […]

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The following tips are aimed to take note of elementary concepts to keep funny quotation all the time you want and so maximices your chances with that special girl. I base this article in this blog entry: conquistar-a-una-chica-4-formas-de-ser-divertido if you are interested to know more about the subject. Be fun basically consists of three pillars: […]

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The World Bank

This crisis has surnames and name. Of the victims, but also those responsible. It is not a natural disaster. It was not why have been. And there are guilty. According to Josette Sheeran, Director of the world food program of the United Nations, they might have to restrict food rations or number of people who […]

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Central Bank

But the Central Bank of Brazil can not be neglected in this aspect it would not be surprising to take a more prudent attitude in handling its rates policy. If there is something to say to favor of Lula’s Government is that the strong weakening that is suffering from the real is not product of […]

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Bacon Venezuela Universities

The sovereignty of man is hidden in the dimension of their knowledge.Francis Bacon Venezuela is facing a serious crisis with regard to university teaching, where increasingly more this increases, as consequence of the actions of the Government in relation to the contributions budget for them to public universities and what it generates to the teacher […]

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Swap Businesses

When one wants to start a business online, our first ideas will be similar to a traditional business, but there are businesses even with Web sites that don’t sell anything and where people do not leave money on the Internet. How? On the Internet time also has a great value that can be exchanged for […]

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