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German National Bank

Therefore, the equipment was removed from there in part to Russia as repatriations, but what remained was involved to produce models of "BMW-321" and "BMW-340", which also went to the USSR. The only more or less "fit for life" were two of the plant in Munich, around which aktsioneryBMV and concentrated their main efforts. By […]

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Alfa Bank

For example, in advertising 'Polaroid' a play on multiple meanings of the word 'now' (in Russian real) that gives the slogan polyphony. In the company's slogan 'Seldom' game effect creates a properly constructed opposition. In the slogan sauce 'Heinz' deliberately distorted spelling of words, which makes the phrase more harmonious in the phonetic respect: 'Beanz […]

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World Bank

The cognitiva form is strong on to the subjectivity notion, as attitudes and norms of behavior, changes of values, reciprocity and confidence. Another important distinction in the concept of capital stock is between the levels micron, meso and macro. The level micron understands the relationship between individuals and domiciles; the level meso is seen in […]

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Periodical Banks

An evidence of this, supports, it is the fall in the relation enters the number of agencies and the population. Until the decade of 1980, the Ipea says, had a bank agency for each 8 a thousand inhabitants; in 2007, this relation started to be of an agency for each 10 a thousand inhabitants. Moreover, […]

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TAN List Management

Software for Windows PC, and Java-enabled mobile phones Oldenburg online banking users know the situation: no transfer without TAN list. But wait: Where is the list? Or even worse: The iTANs printed on paper are ragged and illegible. On the road the iTAN for online banking may be missing quickly. These problems my iTAN, the […]

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