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DNA Platinum

The discovery of the antitumorais properties of the cisplatina constitutes a landmark in the history of Chemistry Medicinal, which, initially, mainly dedicated to the organic study of composition and natural products. After this discovery it can be said that a new perspective confided, with the inclusion of metallic complexes as possible therapeutical agents (Mire et […]

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Metal Tapemeasures

Height and width of diagonal metal tape measure parallel to the edges of the glass. Thickness of a product caliper is measured at four points (in the middle of each side of glass). The results should be within tolerances. Surfaces clean glasses, the presence of different chips and damage detect visually in diffused daylight. Please […]

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The Gallery Alvaro Selles

The month of October 2006 we created in del Escorial a new space for contemporary art: The Gallery Alvaro Selles. for the purpose of linking contemporary art with this area of Madrid, and provide a place to show, enjoy the latest works of contemporary art. The inaugural expo Antoli Leandro entitled “BLACK AND WHITE” was […]

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Professional Service

In recent years, a growing number of people refuses to experiment, and prefer that the organization of holidays and any other special occasions be performed by specialists. The desire to make wedding or anniversary with original and memorable – is well understood, as in the memory of each of us stores memories of the most […]

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Small Business

To correct the critical situation requires efforts on both sides. For credit institutions can be effective options for resolving problems: – introduction of banks standardized procedures that reduce the cost of lending and reduce the time for consideration of loan applications – increasing the urgency of the banks' liabilities, thereby reducing the gaps between assets […]

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Business Success

Who ever heard of the Viennese chairs? Many have seen them and even take advantage of this furniture, but few know the story of a man named Sinks, do not stop to admire the spectacular commercial success of his enterprise. Michael Thonet was born in 1796 in Prussia … Can be a long story about […]

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Coaching Process

The essence of tango is lived in the same way in the coaching process in which two roads run through desired by both, at a pace and time that only they can follow and that will help them find harmony. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Tiffany & Co. on most websites. The essence […]

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Plastic Product Manufacture

We can look into how we can better manufacture plastic products: The projected shape is dvuhgnezdnoy. To obtain castings with a complex outer surface, with lateral holes, undercut on the outer surface (thread) applied sliding polumatritsy, the side plates. To move these components perpendicular to the closure of the form they are executed as a […]

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City Council Pastrana

As would like, just, make a simple tribute! Unfortunately, one rarely has news of those people who, even so, one admires. And it said that “nobody is a prophet in his own land” is revealed nostalgic when you know people like ALVARO SANCHEZ Pastrana. We have become good friends over the internet, after coincidental visit […]

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Skin Care

Who does not want to look beautiful? Everyone wants to see beautiful and fresh. The skin care is one way to achieve what one expects. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Ex-CIA chief on most websites. Like it or not, beauty does not seem to affect the ease and success of the life of […]

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