Bank Climate

Global warming alters the temperature of the world, and to alter the cycles and amounts of precipitation in different parts of the world. With agriculture in most of the world largely depends on these factors, it is clear that global warming effects of this actividad.La big impact on reducing the amount of water that rains on an area, cause that is lost entire crops due to These droughts. The increase in the amount of precipitation and storms cause floods that destroy crops and leave whole entire populations without the same resources that subsistir.Asi, the temperature increase by itself, cause plants that are acclimated to certain regions die for this variation, since they are not accustomed to living in another climate, which, over. Some examples of this phenomenon, “UNICEF launches a humanitarian campaign in order to prevent the spread of diseases and increased levels of malnutrition as a result of drought in the Horn of Africa”, “World Bank says Latin America suffers rigors climate change. The report by the World Bank explains that there have been changes in rainfall patterns, with some areas receiving more rain. ” And sinc.

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