Financial Investments

The situation of the Spanish economy is an issue that the press continues to highlight and also these days comes with unusual force related to the nationalization of the Bankia. These topics I read a few days ago an article in Eroski Consumer, the Spanish publication that presents so pleasant and instructive articles, on this situation of banking in Spain. And my question was whether the scope of this scenario went beyond or was only contributing affect the land of Don Quixote and Real Madrid, or perhaps would cross the Atlantic and charged new victims deeste side, luckily we have maintained, on this occasion, somewhat afloat and unrelated to these avatars already suffered so many times in our countries. And I devoted myself to investigate and delve into the situation to answer me if this is the right time to execute financial investments. And against this many and varied arguments can be found. Really the most dissimilar and sometimes contradictory, but all with a basis that more results less convincing. And that’s where more confused the situation, becomes as coup be neophyte in these matters and the deep concern that any normal human being corresponds to, if it is their savings, and the destination not only him but also his family, the perspective is another and the doubts take root even much more. And it is there where acts responsibly the advice of a body that has highly qualified personnel but more even with all of the threads of information that they provide substantive, serious and responsible elements to advise us for the sake of making decisions, because the essence of banks is precisely on maximizing its clients by investing capital, paying to other banks, to market, to families. That is your business, you decide where to go their financial investments, and having the best expert advice is fundamental for this.

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