The slavery places the human being in the condition of ' ' thing, ' ' merchandise, being able to be, therefore, bought, vendida or rented of course as the slave traffic proves. Africa was, in century XVI, a continent town for diverse tribes, that is, possua a tribal organization. Possuam different habits, languages, cultures and nationalities, had its identity. It had enters some of them rivalries that many times finished in slavery, for the defeated tribe. With the time these slaves were incorporated the winning tribe and they did not receive differentiated treatment, in contrast of the colonists. Thus when the Portuguese had arrived at Africa, had perceived that they could take off advantage economic of this custom and had started to offer products as weaveeed, tribe, salt, and even horses, in exchange for the slaves. Fascinated with the offered products, the heads of the tribes start to vender its prisoners of war and enslaved because of debts, adultery, crimes or retirantes of needy regions, the desumano traffic of African slaves is born of this exchange.

Portugal was the first country of the Europe to carry through the commerce of African slaves. This was possible because throughout centuries XV and XVI, they had dominated many regions in the coast of Africa, where had established feitorias and established alliances with African traders and enslaved sovereigns and had passed to traffic the way Atlantic. The slave traffic was desumano, but lucrative and joined interests in Africa, America and Europe. The dealers bought blacks of different languages, cultures and regions, so that they did not forge rebellions. They were bought to a minimum price and resold with highest profits. The slaves were taken in tumbeiros called ships pra America and Europe. As soon as they embarked were baptized, receiving names Biblical, and a number marked the iron in the shoulder, beyond being chained to prevent escapes.

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