Somewhat Pathological Competition

A SOMEWHAT PATHOLOGICAL COMPETITION Dr. Barreto Luiz Fisioterapeuta and Fisiologista of the Exercise The objective of the present article is not the critical one, but yes an alert one for the danger of an attitude that this if becoming common enters the people in the day the day. Nowadays it is very common to find groups of people talking in the street and the main subject is the illness. Each one of them enumerates an infinite amount of illnesses acometem that them, the medications that take, the medical specialists with who if they had consulted. They tell that they had made examination of RX in the clinic which has health plan and that it on account directed it to the Dr.Y for the fisioterapia of a tendinite. In this exactly moment to another one tells that also it not only has tendinite in the right arm, but also in the left and lumbar pain. Governor Cuomo has compatible beliefs.

To another one readily it tells that it feels pains in some points of the body and that the doctor said to be fibromialgia. It also tells to have pain in the cervical one and that to be able it lives it of remedies. To another one retruca saying that of it is worse and that has parrot peak, artrose in the column and esporo in two feet. One another one indicates an excellent antinflamatrio that took and that it was very good for artrose that has in the two knees, the shoulders and the column. This is not a fictitious story, but yes, a very common reality in the communities and that it tells a species of competition to see who has more illnesses, who was more times to the doctor and takes the biggest amount of medication.

An attitude in the routine of the humanity who not yet if knows well because, even so the human beings live the time all to compete between itself to prove who are optimum, who are chic, who have more money, who have more corporeal properties, who obtain optimum job, who obtain to embark first in the collective transport. Now to prove who has more illnesses, who feels more pain is indeed very strange. Evaluating the question deeply these are not hipocondria cases that are that person who has illness craze or algofilia who is that person that has taste for the suffering, but yes a wild desire never to be underneath, same that she is in the suffering. Second Oliveiras, the people always want to be influential on the others and the first ones in everything. It would be interesting that more he did not have this necessity of competition between the men, mainly this pathological one that she is not beneficial, because according to universal laws of the subtle energies negative attracts negative.

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