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Region Survey

Finally, the analysis of the alternatives for prevention of future crises points firmly with respect to the integrated management of the hdricos resources of the Basin of the Paraba, as a whole, and, in particular one for the rational handling of the Public Dam Epitcio Person, only effectively available hdrico source for the Region of […]

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Mount Saint Helena

In the summer (MEC) it possesss maximum performance, that is, occurs distole, that it is the biggest dilatao. Therefore, as Mendona (2007) is the time where hot air finds more easiness of development in south direction, influencing the atmosphere of all the provincial portion of the South America, dislocating itself for chains of the northwest, […]

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United States

In 1824, the last version, the Summary View of the Principle of Population (a Vision Summarized of the beginning of the Population), ' ' in the United States not only it has abundance of good land as well as, for the way as she has been distributed and for the market that has been opened […]

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