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December Calendar

At the end of the 20-day cycle continues through rooms days (until it reaches 13), and the period begins anew, again comes Imish. There are several hypotheses trying to explain why the Mayan Tzolkin chosen for a period of 260 days. Some are inclined to the hypothesis that this period coincides with the time of […]

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The Histogram In Photography

Modern digital technology allows photographers to effective and convenient tools to monitor and analyze the results of the survey. To this end, manufacturers photographic equip their models of digital cameras not only display for a preliminary assessment of the picture, but also a function of viewing the histogram or graph of the distribution of tones […]

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Relaxation After Work With Acquariums

Being in a big city creates a specific tempo of human life. Arriving home at the end of the day, it is desirable to recover, rest, to distance themselves from any cares. Rest for the soul to all kinds of people turned out to be aquariums. Admiration for its underwater inhabitants perfectly calm, thus relieving […]

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Photograph Landscapes

Landscape photography – a very complex process, which should take into account the brightness of light, time, and many other parameters. The most important thing – the use of light. After all, in different weather different light: in the overcast – scattered, a bright sunny weather without clouds – hard. The fact that the hard […]

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