The Physician

No doubt it is very valuable, but the nature of matter that is addressed, requires a framework and listen more epecializada. The mere disposal, which is not transformed into a thought, produces at best temporary relief that does not protect against future floods, and symptoms of flooding. Whether he is discharged and in which we listen, and the continuation of the chain in other colleagues. It is paradoxical to note that we that we care, do not take care. That has full force of "in house wooden knife smith." Doctors from the patient with terminal somatic illness. The doctors we are in our work, from the obligation to process the requirements described above. In the rare case in point, the terminally ill, so not liable for unknowable process, confrontation with death.

The claim that terminally ill inevitably represents we will become all terminally ill patients, and that always threatens to come from the exterior. In truth is with us from birth. The core thanatic lethal lives with us, just wait silent and active. At any time, any one of us becomes terminally ill patient. Listening to the patient, shows that their discourse, bears a mark which is beyond the physician subjectified listening. Commonly used expressions such as "had a monotonous voice, or whistling, or humming sounds, or made me drowsy, I left confused, his speech inundante left me dizzy, I understood nothing of what I said," are expressions that we say is not safe. Nor is it safe so we do not say clearly, but through silence, body language, family, or the surrounding context.

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