Online marketplace for sustainable products direct participation of private investors now offers private investors can buy shares in the largest Internet marketplace for sustainable products. This WeGreen has partnered with the famous German Crowdinvesting platform Innovestment. Already with a minimum deposit of 1000 Euro individuals to engage in the young Start-Up based in Berlin. The auction ends on the 27.10.2013. WeGreen is a market place, where over five million products on the basis of WeGreen sustainability traffic can be compared and shopped in one of 150 partner shops. The WeGreen sustainability traffic shows at a glance, how ecological, social, and transparent products and their manufacturers really are.

Together with the investor, we would provide on the marketplace even more choices and new, useful features. Sustainable products are searched more frequently online and must be available in a wide range of products. Thanks to the collaboration with Innovestment We have found the right partner, to make our offer even more attractive by using private investors”, so Maurice Sandeep founder and Managing Director of WeGreen. Innovestment offers Start-Ups a completely new way of raising capital and at the same time private investors the opportunity to participate in innovative projects of the Foundation. On the Crowdinvesting platform, purchase private investors in equity auctions still shares and benefit from the success of the company. Since the launch, so a total of 1.5 million euros in technology companies in Germany were invested in November 2011.

WeGreen: Already 30000 consumers use WeGreen for information and purchase of sustainable products. WeGreen was founded in 2010 by Maurice Stanszus (28), and is located in the founding workshop of Beuth Hochschule Berlin. The company has already received several awards, including the Foundation of the German economy for labor and employment and the UNESCO. WeGreen is also used by the European Social Fund of the Senate Administration Berlin encouraged. For the calculation of the sustainability footprint WeGreen makes no subjective ratings, but calculated the sustainability of companies, products and their manufacturers algorithms.

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