History Of Insurance

Insurance – one of the oldest categories of socio-economic relations. The origins of the insurance goes into such a distant past that the exact time of its occurrence is not possible. It originated when the society has only were the relations of property and commodity relations. Speaking about the antiquity of this kind of economic relations, often recall the biblical parable of the Egyptian Pharaoh who dreamed of coming out of the Nile waters seven fat cows, and then – seven lean, fat eaten. Summoned to the Pharaoh Joseph decipher this dream as seven fertile years and seven lean and suggested that in good years required reserves in case of lean years. The original meaning of the term "insurance" comes from the root meaning "fear." Various dangers lay in wait for man is always and everywhere.

Fear of fires, floods, raids, bandits and other hazards was quite natural reaction of people. Insurance began to be called the separation of danger (fear) with other people, its transmission stronger. At all times the owner property was worried for his safety and accordingly for their material well-being. It is on this basis, the idea of pecuniary damage through joint layout between the concerned owners property. If every owner tried to repair the damage at his own expense, then he would have to create material or in cash, equal to the value of his property, which, naturally, is not economically justified and ruinous. In fact, it is difficult to imagine in real life owner of a small shoe repair shops, barely make ends meet, but managed to defer an amount equal to the cost of this workshop, contingency.

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