Unique Pizza Stories

The most delicious pizza baked professionals chefs who treat their work as a hobby. This is usually staunch supporters of pizza, which is why they know everything about this delicacy. Undoubtedly, the secret to cooking this delicacy they will not reveal, but informative history of pizza they will undoubtedly tell. To date to assess the true taste of the goodies you do not need to book a table at an expensive restaurant, just enough just to order pizza at home and in two dozen minutes to knock on your door courier. Many people mistakenly assume that a pizza delivery – for a fat wallet. Not at all. Order a pizza can be absolutely any student who lives on a small stipend:) The history of pizza. In fact, the first culinary experts who created the pizza was not the Italians and Greeks.

They have, during the military campaigns have come up with to put on a flat circle of dough garlic, cheese, onion, butter and then bake. Later a very similar dish came from the Romans, the ancient Etruscans. Many believe that the Italians brought pizza recipe to perfection and made it inimitably delicious, and, of course, opened the first in world pizza. Back in 1905 opened a pizzeria in the U.S., in New York. Immediately after the Second World War in America was another wave of popularity of pizza.

True confession has become a delicacy, when the United States lighted show-business stars of Italian origin, such as Jerry Colonna, or Frank Sinatra. A well-known in those days a singer Dean Martin played his fateful song, in which the pizza was compared with the moon. Later Some time after that, the pizza has become known around the world. For some time it was believed that a true pizza is prepared exclusively in Italy. Once the Italian government published a newspaper recipe this pizza. Judging by him, really, the pizza is prepared according to rather complex recipe, and also consists of a number of specific components. Festive table decoration. Pizza is a universal dish. Ordering pizza can be the best solution, say, a corporate celebration. This dish is perfect as a lunch and breakfast. Pizza delivery to your home in general is a great ornament of a family dinner. You do not need to go anywhere, it is enough dial telephone and delivering your order. For the money it will be even cheaper than if vybudete bake pizza on its own. You'll spend a lot of time and effort, but eventually you'll get no pizza, and the usual cake, while the pizza – it's delicacy unique!

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