NFL National Football League

Daktronics as each year as of the was to bring NFL stadiums on the cutting edge of technology. Daktronics supplies stages at the beginning of the American football season of the NFL (National Football League) the kick-off weekend in American football took place just and Daktronics was again great. Hard to believe, but there are still a few a few stages their fans not the latest in LED technology could offer. In Brookings South Dakota-based company searches its the same when it comes to the design and the integration of multiple and complex display and sound systems. So chose to bring their meeting places on the latest state of the art Daktronics, the world’s largest suppliers of computer-programmable HD display systems, large screen and electronic display boards when it was three more NFL stadiums.

Example, the Kansas City Chiefs, thanks to retrofit, the oval displays in the Arrowhead Stadium are now high definition and full digital. The St. Louis Rams their end zones replaced displays in the Edward Jones Dome with two rieisge LED display in HD-X technology, a Million value represent. Not only that, Daktronics installed also 305 meters LED Banner weave which runs between the rows of seats through the stages. The Superbowl Champions, the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz field in Pittsburgh at home, you were super LED video display Super 2 years ago. This year, they also ordered LED Banner weave but here running in two rows through the stages. Contact another one which got a so-called marquee, in which also the stadium was installed a digital display and bring the fans outside the stadium at any time up to date and inform. Anne Larkin Daktronics Inc – Intl. Marketing & Planroom

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