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We are the true professionals of the drug and on this basis, the opportunities are primarily in providing to our customers, patients and health and welfare services. Although the facilities are first Pharmacies health, we must not forget that must also be profitable, but its continuity that is unsustainable. "notes Ignacio Falcon Park Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Holder Rioja – Logrono, and invited keynote speaker for this special tour. "It's about corporate governance in each of our pharmacies without forgetting that we are health facilities." In addition Conception and Global Services are clear that management is no longer an option but a necessity to improve the bottom line. "The current crisis calls into question the ability of management to cover pharmaceutical costs for citizens. Now more than ever we need to rethink, redefine and reorganize our Offices of Pharmacy to places where customers, patients come not only when they are sick, but when they want to improve their welfare and personal care, "says Ignacio Falcon. So these companies will promote each of the cities moving the philosophy of the three p's.

"We want wherever we go pharmacists who listen to us think that in addition to providing pharmaceutical care to their patients, they must manage and lead a business, which means ENSAR p p p riorizar lanificar. Thought to have vision, prioritize to apply the best strategy for success and plan to achieve the objectives (balanced scorecard), "added Santiago Ruiz – CEO of Concep . About CONCEP : CONCEP architecture PHARMACIES PROFITABLE AND DESIGN SA is a company dedicated to the sale, supply and installation of furniture and added value services to pharmacies, as well as performing civil works for customers who want a project turnkey global. GHC is encompassed within the Group, pharmaceutical equity group formed by companies and businesses of various kinds focused specifically on the Pharmacy Sector. Note to journalists: For interviews, extension request information or images please contact us Maria Tejedor tel: 91 657 42 81 / 667 022 566 Avda Industry, 13. Plant 1. Local 20 28108 Alcobendas, Madrid

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