The Manager

E in we do not relate the questions here to them wage only, or to the basic elements of the fruit of a work as a proper house, an automobile, access to a health plan, money kept for an emergency or a good education for the children. That is the basic one, what we have that to perceive in the relations human beings is moreover nowadays. The motivation also is intentional, a time that is under the control of the employee. We can bring programs differentiated in the company and establish action plans that will not reach to all, and can create niches of not motivated people who will have that to have differentiated perception of its immediate manager. The motivation is multifaceted, depends in such a way on the stimulaton as of the choice of the employed behavior.

Another joined characteristic is that we cannot measure the motivation directly, measures the motivated behavior, internal and external action and forces that influence in the action choice, therefore the motivation is not passvel of comment. Knowing that the motivacionais causes of the individual are diverse, its necessities and expectations conceptually we have 2 types of motivation. We call the motivation INTRINSIC when it is related with rewards psychological: recognition, respect, statuses and this motivacional type are closely on the individual actions of the managers in relation to its subordinate. On the other hand we call EXTRINSICAL when the causes are based on reward tangible: wages, benefits, promotions, being that these causes independem of the direct management, therefore generally are determined by the high administration. Beyond the types of motivation, still we have a motivacional cycle where the paper of the manager is of utmost importance, therefore it is of it the function to stimulate its subordinate so that they reach organizacionais objectives in efficient and efficient way. This cycle if divides in stages initiating itself in not satisfied the individual necessities what it generates a search of alternatives to satisfy these necessities.

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