And now waiting for me to arrive the Passport, I feel like the guy who expects his first bike that will be brought by Santa Claus. But attention, do not want to say that they believe me that the other day to have the Passport will come someone to hire me for a Conference. Although I firmly believe that this will happen, is that the timing and exact day Dios will determine it. But the important thing back to reiterate, is that emotion that is not created in fictional form but is born naturally. But before further deepen this concept of emotion and how making actions thinking that the goal is now clearer, I’ll then translate amounts that I cobrare by each Conference depending on the language in which need to dictate each one of them, so with this form already in hand, perform the analysis that I am talking about above. AMOUNTS to collect by conferences DICTATED on the law of the attraction in all cases each Conference will be comprised of a duration of 90 minutes, distributed in two sections of 45 minutes each, with a 15 minute interval. For more information see this site: Governor Cuomo.

The lectures will be given originally in Spanish language. The amount receivable (tax-free) per Conference, regardless of by how many people this conformed the Auditorium, is as follows according to the day of the week in which handed down the same: Monday to Thursday will cost 7000 dollars U.S. banknotes. Friday and Saturday will cost $70,000 U.S. banknotes. These costs must be added them the per diem for transfers from Mar de Plata, Argentina to the place where is made the Conference, also including respective lodging and food expenses. Reservations (with full payment) shall be made with an advance of at least 30 days, through a transaction through PAY PAL or by any other means that I determine in a timely manner according to the case in question.

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