Cost For A Treppenlifter

Overview of the costs that arise when installing a stairlift. Stairs is a matter of course for most people. But what if you can no longer play the legs and move only with outside help within your own four walls? Such a situation is, of course, pleasant for any of the parties involved. The solution offers a Treppenlifter with you remain mobile within his home. Because each staircase is different, it is necessary to adjust the Treppenlifter exactly.

Each installation is custom work, so you should make any renovations in the stairwell. Treppenlifter costs: the costs for the acquisition of such are the only downside to a Treppenlifter. Because not only the technology costs, but also the professional installation. This of course varies from vendor to vendor and it is worthwhile to compare the prices in any case. The cost of a Treppenlifter vary approximately between 3,500 and 15,000 euros. Depending on whether the stairs straight or curved, the lift is new or used. The Installing a stair lift on a curved staircase cost more, as well as a new Treppenlifter – individually tailored to the customer – of course. However, should you pay attention not only on the price, finally believed that the Treppenlifter serves a few years.

Also can the Treppenlifter, if you no longer need him, the reputable dealer sell back. Before purchasing a stair lift you should inform yourself thoroughly possible funding opportunities. The sickness fund funded a Treppenlifter only if there is a level of care of the person with a maximum of 2,500 euros. It must be also aware, that a Treppenlifter – no matter what it costs – is a huge relief and a newfound independence in your own four walls.

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