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Much even so we can verify that in the studies of organizacional culture a series of critical exists to the estimated ones above cited, mainly in what it says respect to the management of the culture, is observed, however, exactly that each organization possesss a cultural process only composition for proper symbologies based in the rules and behaviors of its integrant ones, this culture can be perceived and be diagnosised through signals and styles that leave of the leaders of the organizations. 1.HISTRIA OF CULTURE ORGANIZACIONAL the interest on organizacional culture was born in years 70, had to the Japanese phenomenon. Japan appeared as leader of the industrial power, although not to have natural resources, not to have energy and to be a super country town (more than 110 million inhabitants). However, none of these factors hindered that it had one high level of growth, a low level of unemployment and the mostremunerated and healthful diligent population of the world. Thus, to understand the culture of this people became important to understand its ascension in the world-wide economy.

In last the 30 years a revolution in the ways occurred to see and to think the organizations and the paper of controlling and leaders of companies. The center of this revolution was the removal of mechanist perceptions of the organizations that dominated the scientific management in the first half of century XX. This perspective emphasizes the efficient work of the system, concentrating parts that they were not total efficient, and normally reducing the individual to a small replaceable ' ' tooth of gear in great mquina' '. (MORGAN 1988) In the years after the second war, the method of development partner-technician of the Institute Tavistock de Relaes Human beings and the American school of Relationships had shown to the complexity of the human aspects of the organizations and the centralidade of the motivation of the work force to assure the effective development of a company.

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